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Dear Brethren, the Lord loves you more than you realize. He loves you enough to want to heal you, to restore you and make you whole, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. He is the Great “I AM”, healer, provider, deliverer, peace, salvation and more. That is God’s name, “I AM”. Many names of God are given in the Bible, but they were given each to disclose a part of the nature and character of God, and were not actually His Name. It is “to be”, He is the eternal self-existent one, who needs or depends on no one. He is also all powerful and is not limited by anything in our lives, situations or world around us, any natural laws, spiritual problems or hindrances of any kind. Nothing is a hindrance to “I AM”. He is, but more, He is able to be all that we need Him to be unto us. He is not the “I WAS”, or “I WILL BE.” He is not the God of the past or future, but a God of the present and NOW. He lives in eternity and is beyond past, present and future, living in all three at the same time. So He knows the future without limitation and can speak the end from the beginning and knew us before He created Adam. He is greater than time, history, future or anything else. He IS and will always be, I AM. What do you need for Him to become to you today? He can heal your hurts and pains, deliver you from your past, give you hope for your future and cause you to realize that He is eternal and He wants to work in your life for eternity. Will you let Him come to you today and touch you at your point of deepest need?


Presidential Prayer Team