A Root of Bitterness

By Dr. Terry L. Thompson, Apostle

Spoken at Bryan Cowboy Church Sept.3, 2006

††††††††† How many of you know life takes some hard knocks from time to time? How many of you know we get some blows every once in awhile. How many remember as a kid they used to have those blow up clowns and they had the weight in the back and you just kind of bam, hit it, and it would go over and swing back up and youíd hit it again. Well, you know thatís kind of the way life is. Some of you that donít know what Iím talking about will have to talk to your parents because that was really, for us a new toy; for you itís considered an antique. But it was a lot of fun.

††††††††† Itís kind of when youíre mad and upset and angry, you go out in the golf course and instead of looking at the golf ball; you look at that deacon. You see his smiling face, or you look at that member of the church and man all of a sudden you see their face on that golf ball and your able to drive that thing 350 yards easily when you start doing that. Now I donít recommend that you do that, but thatís what happens from time to time.

††††††††† But how many of you know that life brings us some blows? And when those blows come they leave a deposit in our life. And that deposit, if itís not taken care of, will begin to take root. Now, I want you to go with me to Hebrews chapter 12 because this is not only a personal exercise that Iím going through in my own life, but also I believe it is also for the body of Christ. The Bible tells us in Deuteronomy 32:32 that the cluster of the grapes was bitter or the cluster was bitter. How many of you have ever had sweet grapes before? How many of you know you like those sweet grapes with no seeds. But how many have ever got grapes with seeds in them? And how many know that the grape was wonderful but the seed was a little bitter. Has that ever happened to you? How many of you have ever gotten a hold of sour grapes before? Man, they look good in the market, they are all shined up and theyíre all watered down and you go and grab one, you bite into it and it is just as tart as it can be. Itís very tart. Maybe thatís never happened to you alright, but it has happened to me.

††††††††† And one of the things I have noticed that has swept through the body of Christ and I tell you in the next year your going to begin to see God begin to deal with something that is strong in the body of Christ right now, because we have people that are sitting in Churches that are dealing with things but never getting healed. Please hear me. This is on me today and has been on me for awhile. God is saying to us, ďI am getting ready to come and Iím getting ready to remove the bitterness out of the cluster.Ē Folks, this is why, sometimes Christians; we are our worst enemy. We donít need the devil. We are our worst enemy. Sometimes instead of building each other up, we are ready to put somebody down and we canít understand why we have this yucky thing inside of us and a lot of it is because we take blows and we never get healed of it, we just keep dealing with it.

††††††††† And I have watched our young people bring it into relationships. Iíve watched our young people bring it into their marriages. Iíve watched it happen with the rest of the body of Christ when they get connected. All of a sudden now we keep playing this game with God and we never get down to true liberty and true freedom. And as a result there is a quenching, there is grieving that is going on in the body of Christ, because when the Holy Ghost comes the first sign of the Holy Ghost is liberty. ďWhere the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.Ē And He comes and Heís starting to work on these areas and I want to tell you thereís not anyone sitting here today including myself that has not been impacted in this area of bitterness.

††††††††† Letís read Hebrews 12, starting at verse 14. ďPursue peace with all people.Ē Pursue peace with some people is the attitude in the church. If I can just avoid somebody, how many of you know, Iíll never have a problem with somebody. How many of you know that when we get to heaven, weíre all going to be inner-connected. Well, Iím going but Iím not so certain about you. (Laughs) He said, ďPursue peace with all people and holiness without which no one will see the Lord.Ē Wow, this is strong. Now weíre talking about having an encounter. Johnny sang about it this morning. How many of you would like to have a voice like Johnny S. Isnít that just a smooth, mellow yellow voice right there. I mean it really ministers to me and I appreciate it Johnny Ė your ministering unto the Lord. Many minister to the people and hope God approves. Youíre one of the few that ministersí to the Lord and it doesnít matter whether the people approve or not.

††††††††† Here is what he says, ďWithout which no one will see the Lord.Ē How many have said before, ďWell, I donít think God talks to me. I donít think God is saying anything to me. Or, how do you talk to God or is God really saying anything to you.Ē Well, it could be because we are in pursuit of the wrong things. Look at verse 15; ďLooking carefully.Ē

††††††††† How many know that bitter people will never admit to being bitter, theyíre always cautious. Iím going to be careful. Well, you know Iíve got to be careful in this area here. Because bitterness, what it does is it takes away your risk factor in your life. Thereís no leaping out in faith with God. Now thereís a leap of faith thatís stupid, but thereís also a leap of faith that is Godís direction. And so what we do is we get into the body of Christ and what happens to us is that we start moving in the direction that God wants and then all of a sudden we say, ďnow wait just a minute, weíve got to be real careful here.Ē Thatís usually a sign that there is a root thatís developing. And the more careful you are the more you water that root. Are you with me?

††††††††† ďÖ looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled; lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau, who for one morsel of food sold his birthright. For you know that afterward, when he wanted to inherit the blessing, he was rejected, for he found no place for repentance, though he sought it diligently with tears

††††††††† Listen to me. I have believed that this year has been a year of requesting the blessing. Next year, I believe is the year of developing in the blessing. You see God can bless us, but if we donít have the maturity to handle those blessings when they will come to us; we wonít recognize what they are and as a result we will waste them. And one of the ways we waste them is we never deal with a root of bitterness.

††††††††† Now what is bitterness? Bitterness is more than seeds in a grape. Now hereís the principle, alright, because itís like that seed in a grape. Let me give you the background of why the writer is writing this, because in the first part of chapter twelve he talks about the chastening of the Lord. He was writing to religious people. He was writing to people who went to Sabbath church every Saturday. They were there, faithful. They were religious; they knew their Bible, on and on and on. But they had a problem. They knew all the religion, they just didnít know Jesus.

††††††††† And so what happens is, is that the kingdom is being taken away from them and given to the church. And now they are going through all kinds of difficulty and in Hebrews chapter eleven, he says to those Jewish leaders, ďNow faith is the substance of things hoped for.Ē Let me give you a statement that we have come to embrace, and that is the churchís faith is not something you hope for, the churches faith is a reality. Their faith (the Jews) was something they kept looking for. They kept looking for the Messiah. That was their hope and their eyes were so blinded that they couldnít see Jesus and so as a result, their hope was a Messiah that was come and he (Paul) goes on and he described those that were looking for the Messiah and had embraced the Messiah and its called the hall of faith in Hebrews chapter eleven. But I want to stand here today and tell you that our faith is not something that weíre hoping in, our faith is the reality that Jesus Christ is every present and living today and we live our lives based on that. Now reality is the faith of our life.

††††††††† In Hebrews chapter twelve, he says; ďLooking unto Jesus.Ē Now heís trying to direct their attention. ďLooking unto Jesus,Ē they couldnít get it yet. They couldnít see Jesus yet. So what does God do? The writer says, ďNow chastening is not good.Ē We donít like chastening do we? Oh boy, how many know that when your parents got ready to take you to the woodshed; pull out that stick and paddle your blessed assurance. How many do you know you didnít look forward to that? (laughter) Hello? But notice heís talking about chastening and folks I want to tell you when God starts taking us thought those dark shadows of our life; those dark times in our life and it is a time of chastening that is going on from then Lord, then all of a sudden there has been deposited in our lives the potential for a root of bitterness to grow, and it comes in many forms.

††††††††† Iím not talking about, just because you didnít get your way this week. Iím talking about things that happened to you from an early childhood. There are things that God is starting to pull up out of me and I want you to know I am fighting it with everything I can, because I didnít like it when it happened to me and I donít like it now, because now Iím more knowledgeable of how to get healed form it. But how many of you know that Iíve lived with that thing for so long Iíve embraced it as part of my life. And when you embrace it as part of your life, you donít think you can survive without it and all of a sudden when God says let me uproot that thing, it comes out of us and all of a sudden now, thereís an emptiness inside and he comes along and says, ďYour parents canít fill it, they never could fill it, your uncle, your aunt, your grandpa, your grandma they couldnít fill it. Iím the only one that can fill and put something in the place of that root.Ē

††††††††† Hallelujah, Amen, keep it up. I believe I will. Now listen to me. This thing has got to come out of the body of Christ. And he doesnít come to a group and says, ďNow letís just get one big root and you all are okay.Ē How many of you know that itís a process? Number one, our flesh will fight it. How many of you know the flesh doesnít die easy? Hello? By the time you think that sucker has been sacrificed, it resurrects again. Weíll see that. Now listen to me. Hereís a good definition. T.D. Jakes gave this great definition of bitterness. Hereís what he said: ďBitterness is things that are on the outside, that contaminate things on the inside

††††††††† How many of you have ever gone to a refrigerator, and you take a swig of the milk and there is that taste. Itís not refreshing. And you realize that if you drink it youíre going to have lumps in your mustache. Have many have every done that before? How many have ever had contaminated mink? Your going, ugh; man, this is one nasty drink, here.

††††††††† And how many of your know that contamination will do a lot of things to our lives and weíre walking around, instead of being a river that flows with living water that keeps things cleared out - oh weíve got these little pools over on the side where the river dumps into it and they are all contaminated because they are dumping all the chemicals and all the poisons into that little pond and every once in awhile it gets out into the river. Are you with me? Itís contamination on the inside. Something happens to us on the outside that contaminates things on the inside. Now, notice, the root determines the fruit. Every root has fruit. You go over to Galatians chapter five and it will tell you the flesh has fruit. The Spirit has fruit. Every spirit has fruit. In fact, the way I teach on deliverance is that what we do a lot of times is that we are rebuking spirits that the Bible never calls a spirit. Weíre rebuking the fruit; weíre trying to cast out the fruit when all the fruit is doing is manifesting the true spirit. Weíll get into that some other time, alright?

††††††††† But notice what happens here. He says to pursue peace. ďPursue peace.Ē Peace is the absence of contention, this root of bitterness. Here are some of the things that manifest. All of a sudden, we live our lives in constant contention, constantly in a contentious situation. ďAh, youíre wrong all the time.Ē When somebody does something, like our spouse, she does something, then I want you to know we donít like what sheís done because guess what, it may remind you of that very root, where that root is going.

††††††††† But how many of you know, that root of bitterness also has fruit that can be very sweet? How? ďHow you doing today?Ē ďOh, I just love you.Ē ďOh, welcome to this meeting, weíre so glad that youíre here today.Ē And we get around people and we manifest the leaves but we donít ever deal with the fruit until we get home. But guess who knows whatís in the root? Itís the gal you live with. Hello? And she knows your one Jackal and Mr. Hyde. You get out in front of everybody else and they see the leaves, but I want to tell you, you canít see a root. But one day all of a sudden, it just tells on you. You get around a crowd, and guess what; that root just pops up through the ground and exposes itself and says, ďHere I am.Ē And weíre all going, ďmy God, what happened to her? Where did she come from? Why?Ē

††††††††† And what youíll notice is a lot of times if there is a root of bitterness, and there is in all of us. Thereís a root of bitterness, thereís always this contention thatís going on and thereís the absence of the spirit of peace. See, peace is a sign that God is dominant in our lives. ďLet the peace of God rule in your heart.Ē It doesnít mean to show up just when I need guidance. It doesnít mean the peace of God comes when I just want to feel better. It means let Him rule. Itís the underlying principle that we have in our life, itís the peace of God. So thereís constant contention when thereís an absence of peace. Thatís why he says, ďPursue peace.Ē Well, when you start pursuing it, guess what shows up? All the other stuff! Everybody all right there?

††††††††† How about this one? Look at verse 16. Hereís what he says; ďLest there be any fornicator.Ē Another issue of root is fornication, sexual issues. The word fornicate means to sell oneself. Itís more than just a physical act. You can sell yourself to an individual. Listen, you can be fornicating with your parents. They are controlling your life. They are dominating. Itís just like when you were a child. You can be married, you can go on, with all those things, but until you deal with this root of bitterness you may think that youíll get free from it, but youíll keep coming back to it. Iím not talking about just a physical thing. Iím talking about selling yourself. In fact the physical thing is just a manifestation of whatís on the inside. You fornicate with the world, but it can be a physical thing. All of a sudden now, sexually, thereís a dysfunctional thing going on in this area. And we could go on to other things. But itís a selling of oneself.

††††††††† Notice what else it says; ďIt is a profane person.Ē Profanity is what we call cursing or cussing, profanity. But no, profanity is a language of death. So words that we speak, what we are trying to do, we think that we are trying to speak out against an individual or speak out against our spouse and what we are doing is we are pronouncing death upon ourselves. Thatís what it is and the ultimate end of it, if you look it up, the word profane, youíll find it means a godless one. All of a sudden now, we can have ďa form of godliness, but deny the power thereof.Ē In other words, Godís power is no longer working in us because we are living our life as a godless person. Profanity! This is what bitterness does. Now I know you donít have that problem over here in Bryan, but I just thought Iíd pass it on to you today, alright?

††††††††† Now, here is what youíve got to understand. The Bible says, ďLet no corrupt communication proceed out of our mouth, but that which is for edifyingNow in ďLet no corruptĒ, the word corrupt means unproductive. How many of you know a lot of times our communications are unproductive. It is unproductive because it is working death in us. And so weíve got to look at this area of bitterness.

††††††††† Now look at verse 16 again. He talks about a person like Esau. Notice what Esau did. ďÖwho for one morsel of food sold his birthright. For you know that afterward, when he wanted to inherit the blessing, he was rejected, for he found no place for repentance, though he sought it diligently with tears.Ē

††††††††† Hereís the principle Esau took the temporal when he could have had it all. And a lot of times when bitterness comes in, bitterness will cause us to be hasty in our decision. It will cause us, that though we see a blessing thatís coming, a root of bitterness will cause us to make a decision that will either delay the blessing or miss it altogether, because we canít wait. Notice, he had to feed his flesh and thatís what bitterness does. It cries out and it starts looking. Listen, the closer you get to the blessing, the more that bitterness is going to cry out and scream at you and say, ďDo this now, do something now, do it do it,Ē and you canít wait and its just like going ahead and getting a bowl of soup when you could have had the whole soup kitchen.

††††††††† I believe that God, in this next year is going to begin to work in this area in the cluster. Heís going to start pulling up the root of bitterness thatís in the church world today. It affects our decisions. How many of you have every heard of a good deal, and you invested in that good deal, and you lost your shirt? Why? Because bitterness will affect our decision process! You see, we can justify it. Iíve done it. I prayed about it, I sought God about it, I went to counsel on it, I talked to others, I talked to financial people, I did this and I did that, and their frame of reference is totally different than mine because what I am trying to do in my decision process, Iím trying to overcome something that happened to me in the past and so that is the basis of my decision, that I will not be like I was in the past and so as a result I make the decision thinking itís going to change me Ė And particularly in the financial area. OkayÖ then all of a sudden you make bAd decision after bad decision after bad decision and you know what else happens? Youíll make another bad decision. And you know what happens after that? You make another bad decision. Bad decisions come from a root of bitterness. And you thought it was God, and you knew it was God, and you got into all this stuff and now your rebuking the devil, your casting it out, your trying to do all this stuff, when you donít realize that the problem was what lies within us in the first place. There was something pushing you to make that decision in the wrong way. Everybody alright, say Amen.

††††††††† Hereís what you have to understand, hereís the principle. Number one, the root has fruit. Number two, your past is bleeding into the now and robbing you of your future. Do you hear what Iím saying? Your past is bleeding into your now and robbing you of your future. Go with me to John chapter 11, the story of Lazarus dying. We all get excited when we read, ďLazarus, come forth.Ē But I want to point out Sister Martha.

††††††††† Now Martha was a server, so she was a hands person, she wasnít really a Bible person. She was a hands person because she was a server; that was her gift. And so they call for Jesus. Jesus hangs around for two more days, doesnít show up, and now look with me at verse 17. ďSo when Jesus came, He found that he had already been in the tomb four days.† Now Bethany was near Jerusalem, about two miles away.† And many of the Jews had joined the women around Martha and Mary, to comfort them concerning their brother.† Then Martha, as soon as she heard that Jesus was coming, went and met Him, but Mary was sitting in the house.† Then Martha said to Jesus, "Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died.Ē If youíd of just done something, this wouldnít have happened, is what Martha is saying. And how of you know that all of us have those incidents in our lives and individuals in our lives and parents, or grandparents, or business associates, or whatever, we have them in our lives and if they would have just been here, this wouldnít have happened. Itís all your fault! So now we have this whole theology going on in the church, the whole doctrine is, ďWell, itís not my fault, itís theirs.Ē And so as a result, we will never get the root of bitterness out of the church until we say, ďItís my responsibility, I allowed that thing to come into my life and it has taken root and it has gone down deep, and it is now a root of bitterness.Ē Somewhere we have got to say, ďItís time to uproot it and Iím taking full responsibility here, because itís not their fault, they did they best they could, and the best they understood and the best they could do, I forgive them and I release them.Ē Somewhere weíve got to do that.

††††††††† You see, Martha did the same thing to Jesus. Well, Lord if youíd of just been here, this wouldnít have happened. Can you hear the bitterness in her voice? You see; its one of those seeds thatís there. Notice, Jesus doesnít even address that issue. Let me say this to you, please. Jesus is not so much interested in where you come from, as to where youíre going. He knows that suffering is part of it. Part of the problem and what keeps the root of bitterness alive in the church today is the fact that we have no doctrine for suffering. We have no doctrine for any tribulation. We have none, other than the fact that we are not going to go through any tribulation. But I want to tell you, if I read my Bible, if you want to see the kingdom of God, you will suffer tribulation. And thatís not bragging, thatís just a fact. Thatís just the way the kingdom operates.

††††††††† But notice, Jesus doesnít focus there. Itís kind of like when the angel of the Lord comes to Gideon and he stands over Gideon, and Gideon is down there in a cowardly position, and he stand over him and says, ďGideon, thy mighty man of valor.Ē Gideon looks up and says, ďRight, valor, valor, they live three blocks down and two to the left. Youíve got the wrong guy.Ē Listen, to me. God doesnít address us based upon or present. He addresses us based on our potential. How hereís the definition of potential. Potential means you havenít got it yet, but your well on your way.

††††††††† Now look what happens here. Notice what she says. Martha says, ďIf you had been here this wouldnít have happened.Ē Verse 22; ď"But even now I know that whatever You ask of God, God will give You."Ē Listen to her. Sounds like some of us doesnít it. Whatever you ask God, God is going to do. Notice, Jesus gets to the real issue. ďJesus said to her, "Your brother will rise again."Ē And notice what she responds. ďMartha said to Him, "I know that he will rise again in the resurrectionÖ"Ē Good charismatic girl. Here is what youíve got to understand. Bitterness will cause you to have faith for the past and faith for the future, but no faith for the now. I know that someday itís going to happen. You listen to some of our seed teachings; the harvest is always out in the future; itís a sign of bitterness in the church. You see thatís why I believe God doesnít want us to focus on the seed; God wants us to focus on the harvest. Iím not talking about just souls. Iím talking about getting a harvest mentality because when you get a harvest mentality he deals with the now. Harvest is always around you, blessings are all around you, but bitterness says ďI did it yesterday and God will do it in the future.Ē My harvest is coming. No, youíre in your harvest right now. Youíve got to lift up your eyes, look on the fields, they are white unto harvest; it is now! Am I connecting with you?

††††††††† Notice, what Jesus says, verse 34. ďAnd He said, "Where have you laid him?" They said to Him, "Lord, come and see." Jesus weptShortest verse in the Bible. John chapter 11:34, ďWhere have you laid him?Ē Hereís the question, because if weíre going to get out of this dealing and move into healing, what youíve got to do is youíve got to allow the Holy Spirit to take you to that place where the seed was planted. Now weíre getting down to true Christianity.

††††††††† Weíve got to go to Elam . Weíve got to get to Elam as soon as we can. What Elam Terry? Itís the place of healing. Exodus chapter 15; the children of Israel , here they are again; they had just come out of Egypt . All they heard was that God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He made a covenant with them, he had twelve sons, and weíre the twelve tribes. Godís got a promise. Four hundred years they had heard that promise. Over and over again, but the more they listened to the promise, the worse things got. And it says, that when they came out of Egypt , they came out and God had delivered them miraculously, but I want to tell you there were some bitter things that had been passed on over a four hundred year period, time and time and time again, that came from great grandpa, grandpa, my dad and on and on. Generation to generation they had passed on and all they saw was something in the future and the more they looked at it, the worse things got and the deeper that root went.

††††††††† So God brings them out, God brings them through and what do they do? They cross the Red Sea; we have the song of Miriam, ďthe horse and the rider thrown into the sea.Ē Remember that song? ďI will sing unto the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously, the horse and the rider thrown into the sea. The Lord my God, my strength, my song, has now become my victory. The Lord my God, my strength, my song, has now become my victory.Ē Now thatís the song that Miriam is singing. And the next place they go is to the water of Marah. What is Marah? Marah means in the Hebrew, bitter. They go right out of victory, right to the bitter water. Sounds good, doesnít it? Glory to God, now we get to go into the bitter water. And so, what do they do? They do what bitter people do, they bitch, complain and gripe and all that kind of stuff against the leadership. Hello?

††††††††† And Moses says, ďOh, God you brought us out here to die.Ē No, thatís what they said. I wish weíd of stayed in Egypt, at least we had garlic and leeksÖ sounds like a good dose of bad breath to me. And they came to the bitter water. Why? Because God understood that if you donít deal with the root of bitterness, chances are you will not be successful in the promise. And it will affect your decisions right on down the line. Now listen to me, what does he do? Moses takes a tree and he puts it in the water and the waters are healed. And God makes a declaration. He says, and heís dealing with bitterness now, your not dealing with physical healing, I know we get into preaching that and thatís okay, but this is what he says, ďI am the Lord God who healeth thee.Ē He says, ĎIf you will obey what I told you to do, none of these diseases will come upon you that I put upon the Egyptians.í And the next place they go is to an oasis called Elam . Letís just go over there to Exodus fifteen, I want you to see this, I want you to meditate on this. I want to tell you, today I have been sent here as a thorn, as a thorn.

††††††††† Look at verse 26. ď"If you diligently heed the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the LORD who heals you." Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve wells of water ...Ē Everybody say twelve, representing divine government. See, bitter people do not want to be under Godís government. They want to do their own thing. Twelve representing the twelve tribes and notice what he says, ďÖ and seventy palm trees;Ē Seventy representing the nations. Genesis chapter ten.

††††††††† Psalms one says ďBlessed is the man Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, Nor stands in the path of sinners, Nor sits in the seat of the scornful; But his delight is in the law of the LORD, And in His law he meditates day and night. He shall be like a tree Planted by the rivers of waterĒ. So they camped there by the waters, Marah. Isnít it interesting in Ruth chapter one verse 19-22 Naomi starts out, her name means joy or joyous one, but she said, ĎWhy did all this happen to me. I want to change my name to Marah, bitter.í But God says, ĎNo, I named you in the beginning Naomi, you would be a joyous one and when this thing is all said and done, in the end, your name is going to be Naomi. You may pass through some Marah, you may pass through some bitter times, but my intention for you has never been one for bitterness, my intention for you has been one of joy. Thatís been my intention.í

††††††††† And so we see, what happens is that we come to Elam , weíve got to get to Elam , Elam is the place where thereís that oasis, that resting place, that paradise with God. And weíve got to allow God to take that root of bitterness, why? Because what happens is, is when bitterness come in, Hebrews tells us, that many are polluted. Many are contaminated. I going to tell you, Iíve gone into churches where the whole church has been contaminated. Itís the first church of bitterness. They all do the outside thing, they all go through the ďoh how happy we are, weíre so glad to see you and weíre just delightedĒ and its nothing but poison going on through the whole system.

††††††††† Folks itís coming to a day when Godís ready to uproot the bitterness. Let me begin to move it out. Folks weíve got to move in that direction. I want to tell you, Iíve had to go through some of these things; Iím still going through things that happened. Iíve got to take it back and Iíve got to take my cross, Iíve got to go back to that place as the Holy Spirit reveals, Iím not living there but Iíve realized that if I just keep playing with the leaves, the leaves are going to fall off, but Iíve got to get back to where the root actually started, Iíve got to take my cross and let the water, just like Moses, Iíve got to take that tree and Iíve got to let it touch that bitter water and Iíve got to let that root come out of me. And Iíve found it in so many areas, so many areas. My past is not controlling me, but my past can hinder me from the future and God says, ďIím going to take the cross, because Jesus already took it,Ē the cross is many times called a tree more than its called a cross in the Bible, and heís taking that tree and he wants to bring it to your bitter water. All youíve go to do is say, ďHoly Ghost, you take me back there and I want to take it to the cross, Iím not going to blame my parents anymore, Iím not going to blame my uncle Joe, Iím not going to blame my uncle Fred, and aunt Wilma and Betty Sue and all those, Iím not going to blame the horse trainer, Iím not going to blame the school teacher, Iím not going to blame anybody, Iím going to take full responsibility and Iím going to bring this thing to the cross and let you bring healing into my life. Thatís what weíve got to do. We got to get healed.

††††††††† I want you to stand with me this morning. I believe God is saying, ďDealing is over.Ē You deal cars, you get healed by God. And I want to tell you; and thereís nobody here, and it happens over and over again in our lives, about the time we think weíve got it licked, guess what, something else shows up. Our spouse can do one thing and trigger it. Hello? And man weíve out to cut their head off. Well, Iíll just get rid of him or her; wow, and everything is going to be better. And God says, ďLetís get rid of the root and it will be better

††††††††† Every head bowed and every eye closed, I ask you this morning, ďHow many of you are ready to get healed of any roots of bitterness?Ē Get out of your chair and come stand here, Iím going to pray with you that the process will start now. Right now! Itís over, itís over. You can be the sweetest person on the outside, but man that one whoís connectedÖ

(end tape side one Ė alter ministry side two)

††††††††† Itís healing time. Already some of you have gotten visions, remember when the Holy Ghost shows you something, thereís an anointing on it. And the anointing will destroy the yoke of bondage and start the healing process, right now. Right now! That root is coming out right now, in the name of Jesus! Iím going to lay my hands on you, but itís not to get rid of the root, I canít do that, Youíve got to take the tree, youíve got the embrace the tree, the cross has already provided for you, but youíve got to go out and embrace it and then youíve go to move beyond the cross and live in the resurrection power. And itís not resurrection for the future, like Martha, its resurrection right now, right now. Itís time, itís time for the cluster to get the root out of it. The church is getting ready to go through a major, major uprooting in this area. We are the church of the Lord Jesus Christ and itís time right now.

††††††††† I did my brothers wedding about two years ago, and one of the things they did in their marriage ceremony is they took their pains and their hurts, because he had gone through a divorce, the lady had gone through a divorce and on and on and on, and one of the things they wanted to do in their ceremony, is they wrote down those deep hurts and I understood what they were. And they wrote them down on a piece of paper and they were standing in front of the fire place and the fire place was lit, and they took all that and they invited anybody that was in the congregation, anybody that wanted to release the hurts, they took it and they threw it into the fire and it went up in smoke.

††††††††† Today I want you to bring it to the cross, see Jesus has already taken it. Itís already done. Itís not faith for the past; itís not faith for the future, its faith now! Now! And right today, I see the Holy Ghost, right now, putting a bandage on it right now. I see healing flowing right now, I want you in the name of Jesus, the Holy Ghost is revealing this to you; come on, let him show you. I mean this is as real as weíre standing here. You see it in your minds eye right now. Your minds eye, you have to take that thing and put it on the cross because itís already done. Itís time to stop and let the contaminated pools dry up. Itís time, itsí time for the river to flow. Itís time for the river to flow. Hallelujah. Thank you Lord.

††††††††† I just feel thereís some others that need to come forward, Godís waiting for you. Donít feel under pressure, Iíve just got to obey in what Godís telling me to tell you because itís the day when roots are coming up, because the root has been manifesting the fruit over and over and over again. And itís time for it to stop, now, and time to get healed, now, in Jesus Name! In Jesus Name! Youíre stepping forward is not for my benefit, itís for you; itís your step of faith. Youíre saying, ďGod, Iím bringing this to the cross, right now in Jesus Name! Lord.Ē

††††††††† Release, right now! Now Lord! I thank you Lord! I thank you Lord, today is a new day. Hallelujah. This Labor Day weekend is a new day. Itís a new day, right now, in Jesus name! Now Lord, a release!

††††††††† (Speaks in tongues over Bobby) Bobby, itís no longer going to be carefulness, itís going to be wisdom that guides your life. Carefulness over and over again. I just want to be careful. Thatís okay, but itís ruled too long. Wisdom is going to be your root in the days ahead. Wisdom is going to direct your footsteps, wisdom is going to cover you like a coat of armor. Wisdom is going to be on your left side and your right side, your back side your front side. Wisdom, wisdom, wisdom in Jesus Name!

††††††††† God come and rule this life now, in Jesus Name.

††††††††† Teresa come here. Rule peace! Rule peace! Lord I release upon her right now, the peace of God that passes all understanding. No longer will she say, ďI really donít know, I just want to know more.Ē Lord, in this day I release the spirit of revelation that will be more. In the things that she hears on the outside will bear witness on the inside and if it doesnít bear witness, then she will wait. Lord I see a stirring going on, just like your stirred up Zerubbabel, the spirit of the Lord stirred up his spirit, I call you now, I see you stirring up the spirit of Teresa D. right now in the name of Jesus and I come against that lying spirit that has come again and again and again. Now, release her in the name of Jesus! In the name of Jesus! In the name of Jesus!

††††††††† Wow, John 15 tells us that when a tree is growing, that tree as its growing, thereís times that it has to be pruned and he says that there are branches that need to be pruned, and it is bearing fruit, it needs to be pruned. And that sapsucker, that branch that goes right up the side of the tree, all it does is drain the energy out of the tree that the fruit cannot bear itís maximum. And the Lord says, ďIím coming to trim the sapsuckers out of your life.Ē Youíve had some fruit and thatís been wonderful, but this fruit that I am bringing is luscious as in biting.Ē Itís all natural. In the name of Jesus! I thank you lord for making this a sure fruit tree in the name of Jesus, bearing much fruit. Thank you now. Thank you Lord.

††††††††† I thank you Lord. I thank you Lord. Lord, I call upon you right now; I just see thorns that are coming out of you. Itís like you fell down in a cactus bed. They have just been pricking you and itís causing you pain and every time something is said itís like one of those thorns are moved. And it just causes pain to ripple through your entire being because some of those thorns go all the way down to the bone. Right now in the Name of Jesus, I thank you Lord that you have come to heal, Lord itís healing day in this household. Itís healing day in the Smith household. Itís healing day in this household right now in the name of Jesus. Right now! Right Now! I thank you Lord. I thank you Lord. In the name of Jesus.

††††††††† Now I want to do something. I want everybody to stand one more time, please. Pastor Will may not like me after this. But here is what I want to say, ďI call for the root of bitterness to come out of this local cluster, in this area. I say right now in the name of Jesus, B. V. C. Church, the root has been uprooted right now. No axe laid to the root of the tree, it is uprooted and I release now the sweet gum tree to go into the bitter water that it may be sweet. I call this a place of Elam in the days ahead and there will be a multitude that will come in and their roots will be uprooted as they come into the presence of the living God. They will come and they will see the Lord and the Lord will reveal the cross that heís taken them to, that heís already paid the price for that bitterness that is there. In the Name of Jesus! I call them into freedom right now. Holy Ghost, I release a fresh anointing on this place, right now in Jesus Name! In Jesus Name! Faith now! Faith Now! Faith Now, in the name of Jesus! Right now, in Jesus name! Hallelujah.

††††††††† Johnny, Godís getting ready to release songs unto you for this next season and its going to deal with this very thing. God saying Iím going to use your voice as a voice of healing and its going to go in and its going to uproot many, it will start the process, others it will expose the process. God is taking you, your going to be like a paradise when you come in. Your going to be Elam when you come in. Theyíre going to come in one way and theyíre going to leave another way. As the words that come out of your mouth, that come out of your spirit, itís like itís falling upon them and all of a sudden God is going to begin to show them that there is a healing that I have promised them and given to them that is a path through their season of chastisement, the seed will not remain because you will bring healing into their lives. Many will be physically healed as they release out of their lives. They will be healed and it will be confirmed. In the name of Jesus! Hallelujah.

††††††††† Singing: Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now Iím found, was blind but now I see.