Constant War With The Papacy


We must fight the Lord's battles against this giant error, whichever shape it takes; and so must we do with every error that pollutes the church.
C.H. Spurgeon

We must have no truce, no treaty with Rome. War! War to the knife with her! Peace there cannot be. She cannot have peace with us - we cannot have peace with her. She hates the true Church; and we can only say that the hatred is reciprocated. We would not lay a hand upon her priests; we would not touch a hair of their heads. Let them be free: but their doctrine we would destroy from the face of the earth as the doctrine of devils. So let it perish, O God, and let that evil thing become as the fat of lambs. Into smoke let it consume: yea, into smoke let it consume away.

We must fight the Lord's battles against this giant error, whichever shape it takes; and so must we do with every error that pollutes the church. Slay it utterly; let none escape. "Fight the Lord's battles." Even though it be an error that is in the Evangelical Church, yet must we smite it.

I love all those who love the Lord Jesus Christ; but, nevertheless, I cannot have any truce, any treaty with divers errors that have crept into the church, nor would I have you regard them with complacency. We are one in Christ; let us be friends with one another; but let us never be friends with one another's error.

If I be wrong, rebuke me sternly; I can bear it, and bear it cheerfully; and if ye be wrong, expect the like measure from me, and neither peace nor parley with your mistakes. Let us all be true to one another, and true to Christ; and as soon as we perceive an error, though it be but as the shadow of one, let us root it out and drive it from us, lest it plague the whole body, and put leprosy into the entire fabric of the church.

No peace with sin, no peace with falsehood. War, war, war without deliberation: war for ever with error and deceit!

"College, for example, continues to pour forth men to take charge of our Churches, who do not believe, in any proper sense, in the inspiration of the Scriptures, who deny the vicarious sacrifice on the Cross, and hold that, if sinners are not saved on this side of the grave they may, can, or must be on the other. And the worst of it is, the people love it.

"What havoc false doctrine is making no tongue can tell. Assuredly the New Theology can do no good towards God or man; it has no adaptation for it. If it were preached for a thousand years by all the most earnest men of the School, it would never renew a soul, nor overcome pride in a single human heart.

"So much of subtlety is mixed up with the whole business, that the Word seems to fall upon a sack of wool, or to miss its mark.

"The fount of inspiration is not now within the Book, and with the Holy Spirit, but within the man's own intelligence. We have no longer "Thus saith the Lord", but "Thus saith Modern Thought". We used to debate upon particular about general redemption, but now men question whether there is any redemption at all worthy of the name. Truth has its coat turned inside out, and then is dragged up and down the street in scorn. They make a straw man, and carry him about as a guy hoping afterwards to burn him. Fine sport for children but great folly for men.

"Difference of judgement upon minor matters, and varieties of mode in action, are not now under question; but matters vital to religion. Others may trifle about such things; we cannot and dare not.

"We who believe Holy Scripture to be the inspired truth of God cannot have fellowship with those who deny the authority from which we derive all our teaching.

"They have all the liberty in the world, and we would be the last to abridge it; but that liberty cannot demand our co-operation. If these men believe such things, let them teach them, and construct Churches, Unions and Brotherhoods for themselves. Why must they come among us? When they enter among us unawares, and are resolved to stay, what can we do? The question is not soon answered; but, surely, in no case will we give them fellowship, or profess to do so.

"Yet professedly sound believers are in full accord with these outspokenly heterodox men, and are linked kith them in set and normal union. Is this according to the mind of the God of Truth?"


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