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The 'Inclusive' New Testament

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A Novus Ordo organization, Priests for Equality . . . commissioned a "rewritten," "neutered" Bible in 1994 . . . masculine words such as king and kingdom and Son of Man are out. Husband and wife are out, and the neutered "partner" is substituted in place of traditional marriage terminology, in order to, they say, "acknowledge and value nontraditional relationships".

Their position statement reads: "The Bible is not itself the Word of God, for that would be idolatry. Rather, the Bible contains the Word of God - or better yet, the Bible is the unique document of human beings' encounters with the Living God."

A New Inclusive Translation has censored the inspired words of Matthew, John, and Paul in order "to portray the story of Jesus' life and death in a way that is not offensive to Jews." In the texts of Matthew, John, Acts, Corinthians, and the other sections of the New Testament, negative references to Jews have been censored and removed. Where the New Testament formerly referred to "the Jewish leaders," the Oxford Bible has bowdlerized its new version to refer only to "the leaders." For "Jews," the new Bible substitutes "men." The Oxford Bible publishers state: "When 'the Jews' is used to refer to . . . unbelieving people, it is rendered 'the religious authorities' or simply 'the leaders' or 'authorities' to minimize what could be perceived as a warrant for anti-Jewish bias."

What a crock! If there is any "anti-Jewish bias" in the New Testament, it comes from Jews: Matthew, John, and Paul, the Jewish credentials of the latter can hardly be disputed. Our Lord well knew the Jewish leaders. He inveighed against them often enough in recorded Scripture, in the harshest language, calling them a "brood of vipers," "hypocrites," and "whited sepulchres." St. Paul was educated as a Pharisee. He well knew their traits.

One of the Zionists behind this hijacking of the Sacred Scripture is Irvin Borowsky, chairman of the American Interfaith Institute. The Oxford Press even hired him to change the wording of the Christian Bible. (Imagine the Zionist outcry if a Christian were paid to change the Jewish texts!) The American Interfaith Institute, is a Philadelphia-based organization exclusively devoted to the censorship of the New Testament by "working to remove anti-Judaism from Christian liturgy." So, now we see another factor involved in the invalidation and corruption of the Novus Ordo service. It is not only Protestant, Masonic, and Pagan, but Zionist as well.


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