Roman Catholicism and the Ecumenical Movement!


Because of Jesus

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Pope John Paul II

Was the Pope's Death Just a Funeral, or a Secret Club of Rome Pow-Wow?
Pope John Paul II
The Pope's Funeral and the Malachy Prophecy
The Accomplishments of Pope John Paul

Special Articles on the Apostle Peter

Peter's Bones and Rome's Truth
The Discovery of Peter's Tomb in Jerusalem -1953! (PROOF Peter was NOT in Rome)
The Bones of Peter

Especially For Catholics

A Gift For You (Father Charles Chiniquy)
A Personal Statement Concerning the Roman Catholic Church
An Earnest Appeal to Roman Catholics (Tom Stewart)
Catholic Doctrines & Year Instituted
Joe Mizzi's Testimony - Just For Catholics
Protest Letter handed to the Archbishop of Canterbury in Toronto
Satanic Art in the Catholic Church
The Beast Strikes - Prophecy to Roman Catholics
The Gift of Salvation (Robert Michael Zins)
The Gospel From the Roman Catholic Confraternity Bible
The Harlotry Of Rome The Rape of Nuns By Priests in 23 Countries - It's Official.
The Immaculate Conception: The Drama, Dogma and Disaster
The Testimony of Sister Charlotte Wells - Transcribed from Live Tape
The Truth About Christmas, Lent, Good Friday and Easter
Who Is the Vicar of Christ?
What You Don't Know About the Popes of Rome
Who was the real St. Patrick (from
Last Confessions of St. Patrick
St. Patrick's "Letter to Coroticus"
Why Priests Should Marry

On-Line Books on Catholicism

Fifty Years in the "Church" of Rome (Father Charles Chiniquy)
Test All Things (pdf book by Dr. Joe Mizzi)
The Convent Horror - The Story Of Barbara Ubryk
The Priest, The Woman, and The Confessional (Father Charles Chiniquy)
newThirty Years in Hell (Ex-Priest, Bernard Fresenborg)
Two Babylons (Alexander Hislop)
Ecumenicism and the Ecumenical Movement - For Catholics and Protestants
Billy Graham - Politician? Preacher? Prophet? Or A Heretic?
Cheap Grace vs. Costly Grace
Part 1: Unity At What Cost?
Part 2: Another Jesus
Part 3: Why Call Ye Me Lord, Lord
Clues to the Identity of the Great Whore of Revelation
Ecumenicism: The Maniacal Congregation
The 'Inclusive' New Testament
Luther's Halloween Bombshell
Revealing: Babylon The Great - The Mother of Harlots (Edited - orig Tom Stewart)
Errors of Rome
Idolatry? or Just Veneration?
Catholic Witchcraft
Celibacy and the Catholic Christ
Who Will Be the Next Roman Catholic Saint?
The Cult of Mary
The Jesuits
The Jesuit Oath Exposed
The Mass: Body of Christ?
The First Pillar of Popery
An Exposure of Popery
Papal Infallibility
Writings of C. H. Spurgeon
anmulcoltballKeep Yourself From The Roman Antichrist Idols
anmulcoltballConstant War With The Papacy
anmulcoltballRaising the Standard of the Lord
anmulcoltballRomanism As It Is
anmulcoltballThe Present Crisis
anmulcoltballThe Priest Is Dispensed With!
The Adulation of Man in The Purpose Driven Life (by Rick Warren)
The Purpose Driven Life (by Rick Warren) - pt.2 - Demeaning the Very Nature of God!

The Bottom Line and dangers of Ecumenical, "The Passion" Movie

The Passion is A Mass
The Passion, Evangelicals and Mary
Mariolatry of "The Passion"

Other materials/sites for your consideration.
Unmasking Catholicism Book by Mary Ann Collines, a former Catholic Nun

The Spirit of Roman Catholicism
Book by Mary Ann Collines, a former Catholic Nun

The Catholic Undertow
Book by Mary Ann Collines, a former Catholic Nun

The Truth the Vatican won't tell you
A site for information on the Papacy







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