The Harlotry Of Rome


The Rape of Nuns By Priests in 23 Countries – It’s Official.

In ‘The Independent’ of 21st March 2001 glared the heading of a report, ‘Vatican Confirms Report of Sexual Abuse and Rape of Nuns by Priests in 23 Countries’.

In great detail the report reveals that the Roman Catholic Church is still rife with perverseness and immorality, and the hierarchy, for all its infallible power, still is in the business of denial and cover-up. The report highlights both Priests and Nuns are just as active in sin. History records that when Henry VIII entered and destroyed the monasteries he found that not only were these places promoting unbiblical doctrine but also within these monastical dens of iniquity sodomy was rife.

The Vatican, which apparently has had these reports for a decade, has now been forced to confirm that the horrendous activities of its officials are true. Once again the Church of Rome has tried to avert the gaze from herself, not only with regard to its paedophile priests but also with regard to these sex pests or perhaps we should call them the ‘Rapist Papists’.

‘Double-Speak’, cover-ups, denials, and the many incidents that have been reported clearly are inconsistent with the Church of Rome’s claim that she is infallible, spotless and of prime purity. Here we are 450 years since the Reformation and Church of Rome hasn’t changed in any way - morally, doctrinally or spiritually.

Not only is the Roman Catholic Church intellectually dishonest from its very heart, but with these increasing number of revelations, the deception that the Pope desperately tries to sustain is ever becoming incoherent and unsustainable. Trying to maintain the impression that the Popes, the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican cannot err, means that Popes and the hierarchy must and will deceive and do so in ever increasing circles. One must assume by the centuries of lying, murder, politics and propaganda that it is considered best to continue to distort the truth rather than to be honest and purge itself. Also that distorting the truth now is not worse than mistaking it in history.

The faithful of the Roman Catholic Church may say that such perverse occurrences are not the fault of the Church but of a few individuals within the Church. However, these current incidents are not rare and occasional, but are something that is ingrained and a part of Roman Catholicism apparent throughout its history. Further the Church is at fault because while the Pope and others continually are informed they consistently try to cover-up the horrendous activities while having the audacity to make the blasphemous claims of which we are all familiar.

The article in ‘The Independent’ begins by saying that the ‘reports presented to the Vatican over the past decade highlighted abuses of nuns throughout the world.’

Then continues, ‘The Catholic Church in Rome made the extraordinary [most extraordinary but of course, it has been found out!] admission yesterday that it is aware priests from at least 23 countries have been sexually abusing nuns.’

Priests who were vowed to celibacy and whom previously sought prostitutes have preyed on nuns to avoid contracting Aids.

‘Confidential Vatican reports obtained by the ‘National Catholic Reporter’, an American magazine, have revealed that members of the Catholic clergy have been exploiting their financial and spiritual authority to gain sexual favours from nuns, particularly those from the Third World who are more likely to be culturally conditioned to be subservient to men.’

The reports, in circulation for a decade, showed that priests had demanded sex in exchange for favours, including certification to work in a given diocese.

‘Priests had made nuns pregnant and then encouraged them to have abortions’.

The article of the ‘National Catholic Reporter’ was based on five documents which senior representatives of various orders had presented to the Vatican during the past decade. It is apparent that in Africa, a country with an epidemic of Aids, nuns and young adolescent girls are considered by some to be safe sexual targets. The reports state that the Roman Catholic Church had done nothing [as usual] to tackle the problem.

‘The Vatican reports cited that there were countless [countless!] cases of nuns forced to have sex with priests; some of whom were obliged to take the pill, others became pregnant and were encouraged to have abortions. In one case in which an African sister was forced to have an abortion she died during the operation and her aggressor [or rather ‘Rapist Papist’] led the funeral Mass. Another case involved 29 sisters from the same congregation who all became pregnant to priests in the diocese.’

One astounding fact of the report is that some incidents of sexual abuse allegedly took place almost within the Vatican walls.

The extent of sex for favours by unscrupulous clerics included taking advantage of young nuns who were having difficulty in securing accommodation, writing their essays and funding their theological studies.

While the Catholic Church has made admission, of a sort, in an extraordinary move, it nonetheless has employed its usual tactic of ‘acknowledging and playing down’ the consequential gravity of the exposure. Further the Pope’s official spokesman said that such should not overshadow the ‘heroic faith of the majority of priests’. [?] Has the Church of Rome therefore truly admitted the guilt? No, but it pretends to, by this ‘awareness’, pseudo acknowledgement.

Clearly while the primary concern of the Pope and the Vatican should be to resolve this sinfulness, to cite but one of their consistent hallmarks, their main concern is in maintaining at any cost, the false claims to being the one, true and stainless Church of Jesus Christ. Trying to play down this latest exposure it doesn’t absolve them of the problem and clearly reveals that, as usual, the Church wants to convince all that it is not as despicable as (we know) it is. This merely conveys that there is no respect for these women, or their experiences at the hands of these Rapist Papists and that all should be swept into the Monastery Garden. As were the cases concerning the paedophile exposures, including those linked to many high-profile Roman Catholic Clergy including the Archbishop of Westminster, ‘hush money’ may be poured forth; we shall await to hear.

A main point of order here is that neither the Vatican nor the Pope has made an apology, and he wants you to believe in both his and his Church’s infallibility and supremacy. However, if an apology was forthcoming it would be in the same manner as the one offered about the Holocaust and treatment of people of other religions, where he uses the term Christian when trying to remove any stain from his beloved Catholicism, and Catholic when credit is being taken. One only has to look to see that the current strategy of the Vatican is not any different from its manipulation and corruption prior to and during the Reformation. Indeed neither are the current perversions and sexual appetites of its priests. "Denial until found out", is the motto of the Church of Rome (much like our Catholic Prime Minister!). Its centuries old conspiracy of silence and insincere ‘awareness raising’ tactic, still it uses.

The Catholic Church spokesman would have us all believe that this a one-off minority problem in the African Veld – conveying the notion that it is remote and insignificant. However, in the document by Sister O’Donohue who said that her initial reaction, ‘was one of shock and disbelief at the magnitude of the problem’, she reported that the incidents were apparent in 23 countries including, Italy, Ireland, India, Philippines and the United States of America.

Marie McDonald, a mother superior, noted that when she tabled the document, the Vatican’s response was a ‘conspiracy of silence’ and further, was told by the bishops that it was felt to be disloyal of the sisters to send reports!

‘However the sisters claim they have done so time and time again [report the incidents]. Sometimes they were not well received. In some instances they were blamed for what happened! Even when they are listened to sympathetically nothing much seems to be done.’

Surely the most tragic aspect of this and other exposures happening within the Church of Rome is the treatment of the victims. Priests in this area like their paedophile counterparts are sent on holiday (rehabilitation some call it) perhaps for a couple of weeks and then sent to a new diocese to commit the very same all over again and seemingly unrepentant as our paedophile articles demonstrated. How many are prosecuted and place in prison?

The victims’ lives however, are made complex and they are often are left with a life full of anguish, insecurity and trauma. No holiday for these women victims. In fact the women involved, were in some places, chased out of their religious orders as though they were a cause of disgrace, a scab or troublemaker. These women then are either to scared to return to their families or are rejected by them. Like the child abuse cases, this results in them being made outcasts.

‘One of the few religious in Rome willing to talk about the report was Father Giulio Albanese of MISNA’, the missionary news agency. He said, ‘Missionaries are human beings who are often living under immense psychological pressure in situations of war and on-going violence. On the one hand it is important to condemn this horror and it is important to tell the truth, but we must not emphasise this at the expense of the work done by the majority.’ [Excuses?]

Much was made in the Catholic media about the Pope eventually speaking to the bishops in America about paedophile priests, once his Church had been exposed, but still nothing has been done. Priests have not been dismissed and the even Bishop of Westminster, Murphy O’Connor employed a priest who was known to be a paedophile, whereupon this priest committed sodomy and the Church was forced to pay compensation. Then there was the scandal at the London Oratory School, where the advisers knew the priest was a paedophile. An Act of 1994 requiring the vetting of priests preventing paedophile clergy gaining access has still not been implemented effectively by the Church of Rome.

As the Church of Rome and the Pope are adamant in their superiority some how any hope of denouncing this latest revelation of evil, which has clearly been covered by silence and shame for too long, will not transpire and the activities will continue to be quietly known about and let continue.

Church’s Reports Say:

·         A local bishop in Malawi dismissed the leaders of a diocesan women’s congregation after they complained that 29 of their sisters had been impregnated by priests.

No outrage in public by the Pope or a grand ‘defrocking’ of all the priests involved in such iniquities. Why? Infallibility and ‘stability’ of the Vatican would crumble because it would reveal that it is not Godly authority on earth and a change of course would shock and ‘frighten off’ Roman Catholics although there are always those who want to believe the lie rather than truth.

As I have been writing this article I am reminded of Lord Acton’s most famous axiom in the letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, ‘Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Few people are seem to be aware that he was actually speaking of Papal absolutism. He was condemning a fellow historian’s book on Renaissance Popes for letting them literally get away with murder.

And of rape, abortion, sodomy, child sex? All are murder of a kind. So as we keep pointing out to our web readers, there’s no change at the Vatican or in the Roman Catholic Church.

If you are a Catholic reading this consider the following: -

How can one aspire to a higher calling and yet accept and practise low standards of truthfulness about what one really believes?

How can these priests be a service to others yet peddle to their flock so–called religious truths whose ‘truthfulness’ rings so obviously hollow?

When sexual scandals have arisen and so frequently, priests and cardinals and the Vatican have shown more than the ordinary institutional bias to protect their own from embarrassment of activities which have been quietly accepted all along. Rules are bent quietly here and there with the mentality that ‘why punish the one caught when there are so many others who have not been’.

In practise, these ‘little’ discretions and dishonesties can become the fabric of a situation which eventually lend multiple biases to reactions when scandals arise, with individuals becoming captives of their own compromises of the past.

The Roman Catholic Church is a ‘Tower of Lies’ built on a structure of deceit.

The Vatican / Papal scenario is this:

‘To maintain an impression that Popes cannot err, popes deceive – as if distorting the truth in the present were not a worse thing than mistaking it in the past. Paradoxically the teaching part of the Church is continually tugged off from the truth or made to shy away from its consequences precisely because it claims a special access to the truth. The papal record has to be white-washed even when that effort inhibits sincere attempts at good works – as when the effort to express sorrow over the Holocaust was blocked at every point by a reassertion of the Church’s essentially innocent behaviour toward the Jews. This latter claim relies on such massive historical misreadings and misinterpretations as to become a new act of injustice toward the very people to whom the ‘apology’ was being addressed.’ – G. Wills

To deploy evasions and distortions and cover-ups is to be condemned even in the world’s eyes to say nothing of higher calls to truthfulness.

Romanism is a false gospel so its world-view is perverted like its practitioners and adherents.


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