Order Out of Chaos
Coal: Evidence For A Young Earth (for more info see CEM)
Evidence For Creation (for more info see CEM)
Evolution: True or Science Fiction
Following Our Noses
Intelligent Design
Questions for Evolutionists
Reasons For Believing in a Young Earth
Scientific Evidence for a Young World (Dr. Humphreys of ICR)
The Missing Link is Still Missing
The Modern Creation Trilogy (by Dr's Henry & John Morris)
You Can't Have it Both Ways

Geologic Column:
Evidences of A World Wide Flood (for more info see Science vs. Evolution)
Proof of Rapic Petrification
The Geologic Column Exposed and Debunked

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Please be warned that I do NOT agree with most of what is in the rings below for they are owned by an EVOLUTIONIST!
I am a member to share a different an opposing view with them.

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