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"Dennis PeacockeIntelligent Design"
A Secularist's Worst Nightmare

by Dennis Peacocke

What if your worst nightmare were true? Your ancestors werenít gorillas, and someday youíll be locked forever on a trajectory line you set here on earth. What if a God really did create you, and what if He doesnít grade on "the curve" of balancing good and bad deeds, but rather on your belief in an obscure Jew who really did shed blood for your sins? What if all the teachers and culture-setters you really put your trust in lied to you about these issues? What if you lived your whole life in delusion and self-willed rebellion against truth? Wowie-zowie, wake up! What a nightmare!

This nightmare is what the "science v. intelligent design" debate is really all about. The fact is, virtually every science book and every Ph.D. calls evolution a "theory." However, those who say and teach this also, with scant exceptions, demand that it be taught and believed in as an absolute fact. This absurd hypocrisy or "contradiction" takes place through highly educated and intelligent people, so why canít they see it? Iíll tell you why: When spiritual rebellion is present and active, its "victims" lose at least fifty IQ points. "Deception" is another word for blindness. Unfortunately, I have never heard the evolution theorists held accountable for the hypocrisy of presenting this theory as fact.

What are they afraid of? Why canít the scientists and culture-shapers see that what they are afraid to talk about is what defines their fears and prejudices? They demand we talk about all manner of obscenities: blood, gore, murders, rapes, etc., in the most graphic details. All in the name of "freedom, courage, and enlightened tolerance." Why are they not willing to talk about this hypocritical phobia they project on everyone?

They quietly and confidently respond, "Intelligent design is religion, not science." There goes the loss of fifty IQ points once again. "Science" demands conclusive evidence. They are missing two "scientific" absolutes here. Number One: the missing link that bridges species. Evolutionists even call it the "missing link." You guys have been searching now for more than 150 years. Where is it? Because you canít find it, you, by your own standards, are therefore forced to call evolution a "theory" because it is not absolutely conclusive. Deal with it! We all believe in adaptation within species, but where is your "bridge" between them? It simply isnít there.

Number Two: Without proof of this supposed missing link, your "evolution" is a faith, just like the faith of Judeo-Christianity. It is "provable" to you in the same way our intelligent design is provable to us. And we have as many ugly scientific questions for your evolutionary theories and "facts" as you have of us. To say our position is not "science" is worse than arrogant. Itís unintelligent and dictatorial.

So letís compete and not be afraid of one anotherís arguments. Weíre certainly not afraid of yours. Refusing to play by your own rules doesnít help us either. Sorry, folks, this nightmare wonít go away and thatís...

...the bottom line.

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