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Proof of Rapid Petrification

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Students are often taught that it takes millions of years for things to petrify. This is simply not true. We have 3 pieces of petrified firewood in our museum in Pensacola Florida. Below are some pictures of items that have petrified very quickly. All that is required for petrification is for the object to be buried quickly so the minerals can replace the tissue slowly as it decays.

Petrified Dog Found in Tree

Petrified dog in a tree Southern Forest World Museum in Waycross, GA Tu-Sat. 9-5 pm. 912-285-4056, Don Brown has the dog. Or see: Mr. Mike Taylor at the Heritage Center next door. 912-285-4260.

This four year old hound was found 20 feet up inside this chestnut oak. He must have gotten trapped chasing something. He turned to stone in only a few years.

Cowboy Boot

This cowboy boot was made in the 1950's. The cowboy must have had his leg shot off or torn off. It has turned to stone inside the boot!

Ichthyosaur Birth

This picture shows a fossilized extinct marine reptile as it is giving birth. Obviously it does not take millions of years to give birth!

Chopped Wood

This log was obviously chopped on before it petrified.

Bowler's Hat

This fossiziled bowler's hat found in New Zealand proves that bowling was invented "millions of years ago."

Here are two fossil fish. One fish is swallowing the other.  Common sense reasoning tells you that this fish was buried rapidly.

This fossil fish is in the swimming position.  We know this because when fish die their fins contract.

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