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Important Translations of the English Bible

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There were 7 translations of the English bible from the Greek to get the to King James Bible of 1611. There were seven stages to purify the English translation to come to the final King James Authorized Bible.

In Psalm 12:6 “The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.”

Those translations were:

(1)   Tyndale Bbile. Could not get permission from the Bishop there to translate the Bible into English so he fled to Cologne, in what is now Germany in 1525. Before he finished they sought him for this crime. The Bible was not finished. He moved to Rheims Germany and finished the Bible in 1526. He then became a fugitive. This began the refining process.

(2)   The Coverdale Bible produced in 1535 by Miles Coverdale. He used 5 other witnesses (Bibles), two Latin, two German and Tyndale’s. He also worked with Tyndale. He was not burned at the stake as Tyndale, but was in prison to be burned by bloody Mary of England. His wife had connections to the King of Denmark and though political channels they had him exiled to Denmark, saving him from the stake. He was exiled three times from his country for translation the Word of God to English. There is only one original copy that survived.

(3)   The Thomas Mathews Bible, published 1537. Thomas Mathews did not exist, but was translated by John Rodgers who was a convert of William Tyndale. Iron sharpeneth iron. Rodgers was with Tyndale when he was apprehended. When Tyndale died at the stake his last prayer was, “Lord open the king of England’s eyes.” Within a year, John Rodgers has printed all of Tyndale’s work and all of the Bible. He himself would eventually be also martyred at the stake.

(4)   The Hexodiph, a revision of the Thomas Matthew Bible, more commonly know as the "Great Bible" due it's size, first published in 1539, but also sometimes called "Cranmer's Bible" after Thomas Cranmer, the Archbishop of Canterbury who wrote the preface for the 2nd edition in1540 . Became the first authorized Bible of England and was printed by an associate of Coverdale. Every church had to have that Bible by the Kings decree. If they did not have it they had to pay a fine bigger than the cost of the Bible.

(5)   The Geneva Bible published in 1560. A copy of this Bible was brought to America by the pilgrims. Wittingham and others did the New testament in Geneva. They were scholars exiled from England.

(6)   The Bishops Bible.

(7)   The King James Authorized published in 1611.

Now, in the book of Psalms, chapter 12, in equidistant letter sequencing (referred to as Bible Codes), in the original Hebrew can be found the history of the Bible, the translators and more. There is Translation, Bible, Rodgers, Erasmus, Coverdale, Wycliff, burned, spiritual, memorize, beautiful, readable, read, William, bountiful, holbein, truthful, pastor hans, revival, Geneva, and they burned, fruit, tyndale, easy, martyr, great, authorized, Wesley, translation, tyndate and more.


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