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A Holy Spirit Reformation

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The first point is that God is going to move His people from being consumer Christians to being producer Christians. In my first message in this series I said that it was not enough to just have faith and gifts of the spirit, but that God wanted more, the faith that pleases God is a faith that works by love. God wants love to be the motivation for our lives and ministry and what we do for Him, for only that which is done out of love with bring eternal rewards and not just miracles. That is why we were given Matt.7:22-23 ďMany will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.Ē

The lord wants us to be producing the fruit of the spirit, which begins with love and out of that love, then flowing in spiritual gifts. Then, we wonít be like all the spiritual peacocks with their gifts, titles and reputations, who are so proud and so focused on themselves and their own ministry that they steal Godís glory. They are building their own man-made kingdom and not bringing the kingdom of God to the earth. Ultimately, God will bring them down, His kingdom will grow and cover the face of the earth and He will receive all the glory due unto His name.

We have to be alive with the Spirit of God. God wants to breath life into His people, but everything that has life, has the power to reproduce the life that is within. That is part of having life. All seed has the power to reproduce itself and God has placed His seed within us and given us His life, eternal life. Anything that cannot reproduce is dead and useless to God. And Godís Spirit is moving again in our days, as in Genesis 1:2 when the spirit of God brooded over the waters of the earth and began creating order out of chaos, giving life where there was no life.

Change has begun in the body of Christ to bring the Kingdom of God from heaven to earth
.... 'Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,' Says the LORD of hosts. (Zech 4:6)

In Genesis, the Spirit that brooded over the formless and void earth to bring forth order from the chaos that was and caused every living thing to be is the same Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead and is the power source of the paradigm shift that is forming the new expression of the kingdom of God. This task not only seems impossible, it is impossible for even the most talented and able men and the greatest minds to accomplish. Looking from the natural there seems no way to accomplish a task of this magnitude. Even the most talented strategist could not implement a plan to so substantially change the course of church history and eventually the course of the entire world, with itís many cultures, languages and governments.

But the Spirit of God is brooding over and moving upon the chaos of this world, and all its systems, beginning with the church. A spiritual reformation brought by the working of the Holy Spirit is creating a reordered church body after the image of Christ. What could not be done by any form of human effort and earthly wisdom, strength or might of man or nation, is being done by the creating power of God flowing through the Holy Spirit into the lives of those He has chosen to be a part of this shifting and realignment.

A major shifting is happening in the hearts of men and women transforming them from self centered, self-serving and self aware and carnal, worldly natured Christians into humble God focused spiritual believers on fire for God and alive with the spirit of God - a people so in love with God that nothing else is even a close second priority in their lives - a people fully at peace.

Our prophet said that in 2008 the things that have been in the front of our lives, the main focus of our lives, that has brought defeat in our lives, to be moved aside out of first place, out of our constant thoughts and conversations and be replaced with a new priority and focus, on the things of God for the kingdom of God. His purposes will start coming to the forefront of our lives, because they will come to the forefront of our thinking and meditations. God said, what ever a man thinks upon, that he will become. What you think and meditate upon, talk about, you will move toward and work to accomplish and make a reality in your life.

Even while those of the religious ordered churches who are not yet making the shift continue to debate the role of the Holy Spirit and the kingdom of God, He is changing the hearts of multitudes of His people, bringing new life out of that which was dead. The supernatural power of God flowing by the Holy Spirit through changed hearts will impact the world in every area of its existence. And even while the ungodly of the world are sinking into levels of depravity unthinkable less than 50 years ago, the Holy Spirit is forming clean pure hearts washed in the blood of Jesus and the water of the Word by the life giving Holy Spirit.

Out of dead religion and this chaotic depraved world the Holy Spirit is again raising Christ from the dead. The Body of Christ is arising, the dry bones are coming together, the Holy Spirit is breathing the SPIRIT OF CHRIST into a people that are alive from the dead. Death has no hold on them, there is no fear in them, they have already experienced death to the self life and by the power of God through the HOLY SPIRIT have overcome it.

The love of God is their life. For them to live is Christ and death has no sting and no victory over them. The stones that were rejected by the world and by much of the institutional church have become corner stones of the work of God in the building of His temple. They are laid firmly on the foundation of Christ through the Holy Spirit living within them and flowing out of them to those who will receive Him. The Word of God is powerful and alive in their mouths as they will be sent to the ends of the earth with the true gospel of the kingdom of God. The love of God is shed abroad in their hearts by the Holy Spirit which is giving them a faith, hope and courage they did not have.

The kingdom minded, God focused people cannot be restrained by religious form nor held captive by manís culture, the traditions of men and doctrines of demons. They will not be conformed to the ways of the world but their lives are a living sacrifice, holy unto God, pleasing unto Him. They have suffered death and now are experiencing resurrection life by the Holy Spirit.

God has sought for a people, a nation of sons and daughters. He has sent supernatural spiritual outpourings and powerful awakenings in past centuries and recent decades seeking many sons to rule and reign with Him. These powerful events usually begin with a small group of kingdom minded, God focused, "raised from the dead", Holy Spirit saturated people crying out to God in earnest prayer. Most often the move ends as it becomes institutionalized by religion. What began under the direct headship of Christ through the Holy Spirit fades and dies under the headship of a religious system. That is what happened with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that began at Azuza Street just over 100 years ago. This Holy Spirit outpouring will not be within or sustained within an institutional religious framework.

God is doing a new thing and building a relationship oriented body of believers. He is leaving institutional organizations and beginning a true return to New Testament Christianity with believers who are not just warm bodies sitting on a pew or chair, but filled with the life, love and spirit of God to take the gospel of the kingdom to their world. Isa.43:18-19 ďRemember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert

Perhaps the most exciting news of this new season is the return of the fresh potential of small groups of believers filled with the Holy Spirit similar to the first century church. Directly connected to their Head through the Holy Spirit without the limitations of the non biblical framework of institutional religious systems, the multitude of small groups have the potential of spreading and indefinitely sustaining a powerful work of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual outpourings that begin in small groups under the headship of Christ sustained by the Holy Spirit flowing through the hearts of purified humble believers will continue and will spread. Possibly, this move will eventually be expressed in large open air gatherings in fields, stadiums, arenas or any gathering place available. But the move will only be sustained by multitudes of relationally based groups where Christ is truly head and the Holy Spirit has free reign to move through all the people of God. Perhaps the greatest and surely the largest and most intense continuing move of God in the world is flowing through multitudes of small groups forced underground by persecution in China. That is the fastest growing body of believers in the world.

In outpourings of revival in small groups, many gifted servants will come forth among the people to enrich one another with the ministry of Christ flowing by the Holy Spirit. Many untitled apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers will be free and available to flow within and among the multitude of autonomous groups networked by relationship through the Holy Spirit. Resources will be available to support this move instead of making a few high profile ministers or ministries rich and famous, while doing nothing for the kingdom of God.

The prophets are speaking in this season and one of the things spoken to us for the coming years is a supernatural move of God through the laity and not limited to those with a title. Some local fellowships are being touched and facing deep internal shifting by the Holy Spirit. Some leaders are being pulled back into some level of isolation for transformation alone with God and seem to have little or no strength to make anything happen. Yet God is moving among His people touching and breaking hearts, reducing mental and emotional strength to mush and filling their souls with endless measures of love Ė a love that with change many lives.

The desperate cries of the spiritually starving souls for JESUS will now be answered? We've cried out for more, more of Him. Is the cry now shifting to "Jesus have more, more of us?"
Rev 5:9-10: ....You have redeemed us to God by Your blood Out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, And have made us kings and priests to our God; And we shall reign on the earth."

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