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A Message to the Church

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Church, all that you need this morning is God. All you need is in Jesus. A song says, ďHeís all I need, Heís all I need, Jesus is all I need.Ē His Word declares, ďcast your care on him..Ē

Jesus said, ďCome unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.ĒWhen you know Him, when you have a relationship with Him, scripture tells us Rom.8:28Ö DO YOU BELIEVE IT?Ö† For that reason, we can take authority over the works of the enemy, to be loosed from discouragement, from depression, from any and all form of attack of the enemy.

If we can believe that He is all we need, and believe His report, we can enter into His victory and share in His glorious power for He said, through His precious promises, we are made partakers of His divine nature. And as we partake of His Divine Nature we will lack nothingÖ For he said, if we seek Him first and His kingdom, all things would be added to our lives and we will lack for nothing.

Though we all have the same focus and unity of purpose and vision among the leadership, yet we all have different assignments. God is brining together here different people with different assignments to bring a word to the body of Christ, in many nations. To teach the body that though we are living in hard time, perilous times, yet we are living in the greatest of times, the most glorious of times. For God is doing a work in our day, a work that will soon be accelerated to fulfill His purposes upon the earth. Rom 9:28For he will finish the work, and cut it short in righteousness: because a short work will the Lord make upon the earth.

Many look around and the see terrible situations and circumstances. They see a terrible war going on, and it isnít just in Iraq . The war of Islam against all men, as prophesied in Genesis of the descendants of Ishael, is just that, against all men who do not submit to Islam. That is what the word Islam means Ė to submit.

Yet God is allowing this war for good. Remember, He is the one that causes wars to cease, so it is also obvious that He causes wars, as He stirred up the nations around Israel to come against them when they sinned against Him. What is the purpose of this war that is raging today?

It is Godís mercy; it is to give time to the body of Christ, time to His people, to wake up and become servants and bring in the harvest of souls. The war that is going on now between men will never stop evil. Only Christ can do away with evil, and end evil once and for all and one day He will. But in the mean time, the war that is going on is nothing more than Godís mercy that is allowing us time to do what God has called us to do and finish the work and calling He has given us.

One day we will all stand before the judgment seat of Christ, to receive according to what we have done in this life, and with our lives and what is He going to ask us and by what basis will He judge us? This is actually beyond the scope of this message today, but He will put our works into the fire, to determine if they were:

(1) According to His will. Not what we did for Him, but what we did that He told us to do. It is not what we do for God of our own choosing, but what we do in obedience to Him. It doesnít matter if it was a good work. It doesnít matter what it looks like to men, but was it Godís will and call for our life. Were we being obedient to the heavenly call? As Paul spoke of in Acts 26:19.

(2) Was what we did, done with a pure heart, a pure motive. For we can do His will, but if not with a right heart, not with the right motives, there will be no reward. If we were doing it to be seen of men, if we were doing it for praise of men, for name and glory, for money or anything other than our of the Love for Him and for others, it will NOT bring a reward, but will burn as by fire. Many are doing things for God or even what He asked them to do, but their heart is far from Him. He said you draw near me with your mouth, but your heartÖ

God is calling us all to re-evaluate what He has called us to do. Many are out of their place, out of their calling, not doing what God called them to do. Some have promoted themselves and are even pastoring, but God never called them to pastor. Some are operating below their calling and not fulfilling it and others are trying to be and do what God never called them to be. We have to stop having our own agenda, itís time to find and follow His agenda.

It is easier for God to deal with a dead body and raise it from the dead than it is to deal with a live ego. Jesus only had to speak 3 words to raise Lazarus from the dead, ďLazarus, come forth.Ē But he prayed 5 times for unity in the body and it has yet to be answered, but it surely must one day be answered. Unity is the only place of the full blessing of God, in our family, in our church in the broader body of Christ according to Psalm 133.

We need to all come together and re-align ourselves to the call of God and that which He has called us to. Many are operating in a position given by man and not God. We need to divorce ourselves from that which is of men and align ourselves with that which is from God. We need to be aligned with the position and calling of God, that He gave us and called us to in the beginning.

We are not servants of men, but called to be servants of Christ. We in this church, who were called and separated to operate in the position of elder or deacon in this church, need to also realize and know that we must operated according to the call and gift of God, looking to Him, depending on Him, knowing it is Him we serve and not just our overseers. They are here to lead us, but they are not responsible for our ministry and how we carry it out and do that which He has given us to do.

For us to get the work done, for us to accomplish and see the fulfillment of Godís call and His blessing in our midst, we must all be aligned with His calling.

We need to keep before us, we need to keep in the forefront of our minds, the work that God has given us to do. We can call it our assignment. We each have an assignment for the kingdom of God. That which God has given each of us to do, we must do with all our hearts and be found doing it. Until we align ourselves to doing that which God has given us to do, our assignment if you please, we cannot fulfill our destiny, that which we were born into this world and called for by Christ. Like Ester, we were born for the Kingdom of God, for such a time as this and we have a destiny to fulfill for His glory.

Which brings me to another spiritual principle of the kingdom that we have to understand. God will bring to pass His purposes and either we become a part of it, and do that which He has called us to do, or we are in His way, and He will replace us and give our assignment to another. But the work will be done and His purpose will be accomplished, with or without us. God doesnít need me, I need Him. God isnít dependent upon me, I am dependant upon Him.

We are living in a time that we cannot afford to say NO to the will of God. If God canít get done through us that which He has called us for, then we are in His way and will get replaced. If we say NO to God, then we are of no value to Him and we become as His enemy, for we become a hindrance to His purposes and His kingdom instead of furthering them. And Godís purpose for His enemies is not good. We donít want to become like Balaam, who went from being a prophet of God to an enemy of God and was then destroyed by God.

We have to become more aware of what God is doing and what He wants us to do. As our overseers have been teaching us, there are different times and seasons in God. We have to know what time it is. We have to know the season we are in. But more, we have to know what God is doing and wants to do now, though and in us.

Unless we walk in His ways, walk in His statues, say ĎYesí and yield to His will, willing to be broken and willing to be a servant for Christ, then He canít use us as He wants. We have to become like Jesus, who knew when it was time to bless, knew when it was time to rebuke, knew when it was time to answer questions, knew when it was time to have compassion, or whatever the situation required, because He was sensitive to the Spirit. If we do not become sensitive to what God wants to do, we will become a hindrance, spiritually lame and crippled.

For so many years the church in America ahs been hearing nothing but God is love, God is love; and He surely is. We have heard God is merciful, God is merciful, and He is. But we must remember and not forget as many have today, that He is also a God of justice and judgment and He will not let the guilty go unpunished. God has more than one side and we need to remember the words, Ďbehold, therefore the goodness and severity of Godí (Rom.11:22).

There is a message for the world, but there is a different message for the body of Christ, there is a message for them about the kingdom of God. One of the things the church has missed - is that we begin living our eternal life here and now, in this life. It doesnít begin when we leave this world, it begins now and what we are becoming more like now - is what we will be for eternity, just more fully given to it without hindrance.

That is why the image we are being made like and whom we are becoming more like is extremely important. It isnít well I canít help sinning now, but one of these days Jesus will come set up His kingdom, the enemy will be locked up and there wonít be any tempter and then I wonít sin any more. No, we must get victory here and now or we never will.†

Itís still according to Rev. 22:11. ďhe who is unrighteous--let him be unrighteous still, and he who is filthy--let him be filthy still, and he who is righteous--let him be declared righteous still, and he who is sanctified--let him be sanctified still:Ē We donít just change when He stand before Him. If we donít love His presence now, if we donít find joy in His presence now, how do we think we will find joy in His presence for eternity?

If He isnít the focus of our life and the center of our love, our first love, then why should He take us to Himself to spend eternity with Him? Donít you understand, God wonít have to throw the wicked out of His presence into the lake of fire, they will throw themselves headlong into it to get our of His presence because they canít stand to be in the presence of a holy God because of the darkness they are full of. Evil cannot stand before God, only the pure in heart will stand in His presence.

We are here and now supposed to be learning about eternity and preparing us for living in eternity. It isnít about now and for temporal things. The Word is to eternalize us and put in us an eternal Word that will live in us for eternity. Servant hood is something that has to do with eternity, preparing us for eternal life. When we become true servants, we live for eternity, so we live for Jesus.

When our hearts are right, we promote Jesus, not what we are doing, who we are, what we have done, our book, our video or whatever, but Jesus. We are promoting Jesus, telling the world about Him. Itís all about Him, who He is, what He is doing, His will and purposes, His spirit. It isnít about us. Nothing we do, nothing related to our church life is temporal or for temporary purposes, but eternal ones.

Godís kingdom is about Godís order. Everything God does; has order. When we are aligned with Him, with the Spirit, with what He is doing, then our lives will be in order. When our lives are out of order, we are out of tune with Him and not sensitive to His spirit and what He wants for us. There is a spirit attached to being in order or being out of order. Once we allow one area of our lives to be out of order, it opens the door for other things and temptations to slip out of order in other areas of our lives.

Once you open a door to the enemy, he will take advantage and expand his influence. Once we allow disorder, once we allow and give in to disobedience and compromise, it is like opening a damn and the water will begin to flow and get bigger and bigger unless we take steps to stop it and put things back in order through repentance and rebuilding the walls of our lives.

Our lives become chaotic because something is out of order. That is why we have to be raised up above the things of this world and seated with the Lord in heavenly places in Christ. Then we can see and view things from His eternal perspective and not a temporal one. As long as we are walking in the flesh, we will only see a small part of the picture and what is going on and where we fit in it all.

It is like looking through a peep hole or a hole in a fence and trying to watch a circus or a ball game or whatever. We can only see what comes into the narrow view of our hole, our point of focus. But if we are raised up above and seated with Christ, it is like then being raised up to have a seat above the fence and instead of seeing a part through a peep hole; we are allowed to see the big picture.

We need to stop being satisfied with and seeing things and our ministries through a peep hole. We need to have a bigger picture and understanding that will change our viewpoint and our direction. Then what looks like chaos to the world, we will see and know is in the divine order of God for He is a God of order and everything is under His order and control and not out of control.

Then when you see behind the scenes, like knowing what was happening from Godís perspective in the book of Job, then you see that it is all like a divine chess game in which God is the initiator of things and He starts things with a planned ending and purpose and it will always come to pass. He just uses the devil and his servants for His own purposes. The game is always stacked in His favor because of His omniscience and omnipotence and the fact that He is always in full control, just as Satan could do only what God allowed, when He allowed, as long as He allowed.

God set up the whole trial of Job, God set the limits and the time frame and the circumstances. Do you understand? So what seemed like chaos and things out of order and control to Job, wasnít at all from Godís perspective and viewpoint, for He was in total control all along, as He is now in all things in our lives and in this world we live in. It just looks like chaos. But itís Godís order. Everything God does is in order. Satan canít move without Godís permission. The demons needed Christís permission to go into the heard of swine. Hello?

God made nothing that He couldnít use for His glory and purposes. Satan was created with a purpose. He was a special angel. When he fell, he didnít become a nothing, he became a fallen angel, but still an angel. God doesnít have to repent of anything He has done or created. If He calls one to be a preacher and that preacher falls, he isnít now nothing; he is still a preacher, just a fallen preacher. That is what happened to Balaam. He was called to be a prophet and he was. Then he fell, but he was still used by God as a prophet, even though he was a fallen prophet. God didnít repent of His calling upon Balaam. Satan is a fallen angel, a fallen messenger of God, but God is using Him for His own purpose and glory. Satan has no power but delegated power. All, men or angels, only have that which is given to them and no more.

God doesnít join Himself to anything that is not His. If you are not His, you will never know what He is doing or understand. That is why the Jews didnít understand and kept asking Christ to show them clearly if He was the Christ. He told them, you donít get it, you donít understand, you canít see the truth staring you in the face, because you are not mine, you donít belong to me and my kingdom, but to your father the devil.

Those that are His will hear His voice, will know Him and respond to Him. The others will keep asking questions and wanting to see proof and more miracles. But because they are blind they never see the reality of who He is. God is using everything that is happening today, including the war and all the turmoil in the world, to call those that are His to Himself, to get their attention, to get them to turn to Him so that He can reveal Himself to Him.

But there are many, that no matter what happens in the world and to them, they will not call upon Him, they still donít want Him, they still donít see Him as necessary for their lives. But God is allowing things to happen in this world to bring things to a head, to make a separation of those who will be His from the world, to cause men to have to decide if they will serve Him or not. We see and will continue to see more pain and suffering due to the problems in this world, we will see more hurt and wounded people, fears and hopelessness, but they will find that the things they looked to for comfort in the past, will no longer bring them comfort.

They canít drink enough booze to be comforted and forget, they canít buy their way out with money, and they canít find peace and contentment through drugs or sex. The only choice they have is to come to the comforter, the one who can heal their wounds and hurts, who can calm their fears and give them hope, or they can remain in their hopeless conditions, eating themselves up and destroying themselves.

But God, who is the God of all love and mercy, is there waiting for all that will finally turn to Him and say, help me, save me, deliver me, I need you, I canít do it, I donít have the answers, I have nowhere else to turn. Then the Lord will step into their lives and be a very present help in their time of need and trouble and will turn their chaotic lives into one of order and purpose and give them hope they never had. We are here to point them to Him, the only answer for this world, the only hope for this world.

Nothing is free. Nothing from God is free and without price and nothing from the devil is free. The devil demands something from his servants. All those who choose evil in any form have a price to pay. The devil demands their life. So why is it that the church has told people who come to God, you donít have to give anything, it isnít going to cost you anything, God accepts you just like you are, you donít have to do anything, salvation is free with no strings attached, it just takes a simple prayer.

If a man wants to join a gang, he has to give himself, he has to accept a tattoo of the group, wear a bandana, wear the colors of the group, carry a gun, kill someone, whatever their requirements are. But when we come to Christ, we donít want to be identified with Him, we donít want to take the banner of Christ, the reproach of Christ, to be identified with Him.

We want the benefits, the goods, the blessings, the peace, the joy, the prosperity, but without cost. But God wonít accept our terms; itís on His terms only or none. It is a covenant and He will only give you all that you want and desire, the peace, the joy, the love, the forgiveness, the hope, if we will give Him our lives. Itís your life for His.

For Isaiah, seeing the Lord didnít take away the pain of Uzziah dying, but changes your allegiance as you become aware of who is really on the throne. We canít wave a magic wand and take away the pain that people feel from their suffering, but we can be servants of the Lord who will be there to point those who are hurting to Jesus, to the one who can comfort and heal.

Another point about servanthood. The seraphim had 6 wings, with 2 they covered their faces, with 2 they covered their feet and with 2 they flew. Why did they need to cover their faces and their feet? So nothing of them, nothing they were or did would subtract from the glory of God or bring attention to themselves. Anyone willing to hide their face, they donít care who sees them, willing to hide their feet in humility; they can draw near to the throne of God.

The throne is 3 dimensional in scope. And it is surrounded by 6 seraphim, one on each side and one above and below, completely surrounded by these 6 ever worshipping seraphim, who cry Ďholy, holy, holy.í Each pair of wings had a place and assignment. Because they covered their faces, they didnít have to see as with natural eyes where they were or their position as in the natural, but placed them where they were dependant upon the spirit.

Those who pray seek God, but those who worship; God seeks for Jesus told us that the Father seeks true worshippers. The only thing the Father seeks and looks for is worshippers. As we become more passionate in our worship, the Lord will come among us with His presence in a greater way.

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