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Messages for Today

Living Inside the Boat Audio of Message (English-Spanish)
The Lord's Presence Audio of Message (English-Spanish)
2009 - A New Day of Challenge and Hope Video of Message (English-Spanish)
The Year Behind (2008) and the Years Before Us Audio of Message (English-Spanish)
A New Church Age Video of Message (English-Spanish)
The Night Cometh  
The White Horse
Video of Message (English-Spanish)
If the Foundations be Destroyed
Video of Message (English-Spanish)

The Kingdom of God

Isaiah Chapters 1-4 Nov.08 Video of Message (English-Spanish)
Parable of the Vine - Isaiah Chap. 5
The Kingdom of God - Introduction
From "Church" to the "Kingdom"
God vs. Good
Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords
The Obedient Christian
(We Are) One FLock, One Shepherd
His Throne is High and Lifted Up Video (English w/Spanish translation)  

Messages on Marriage

A Blessed Marriage -Pt.1: Selflessness
A Blessed Marriage -Pt.2: Forgiveness
A Blessed Marriage -Pt.3: Communication
Soul Ties Pt.2 Audio (English w/Sanish Translation)

Doctrinal Messages and issues

Compromise - (A False Gospel Interview w/ Joel Osteen) Partial and Full Transcript
Five Doctrines From Hell
The Election of God and Free Will

Special Messages

A Message to the Church Audio (English w/Spanish translation)
A Watchman's Word to America
Christmas: What Does Jesus Birth Mean to Me (How to Never Fail Again)
God's Way or the Devils Way?
Heavenly Help for Such Wickedly Defiled Hearts
Never A Man Spake Like This Man
Secrets of The UniverseThe Trinity Mirrored in All Creation
Temptation - Sin - Death - Redemption
The Christians Who Are Enemies of God
The Invisible Things of God
The Purpose Driven Hostage
The State of Christianity in America
The Unbelieving Heart that Cancels God's Covenant
The Voice of Jesus
Unbelieving, Disbelieving Believers
Were All Sins Paid For At Calvary?

The Ten Commandments

1. No Other Gods (Crowding God Out)
2. Worshipping God the Wrong Way (No Graven Images)
3. The Name of The Lord (Taking the Lord's Name in Vain)
4. The Most Misunderstood Commandment (Remember The Sabbath)
5. Parents: Handle With Care (Honor Thy Father and Mother)
6. Thou Shalt Not Kill (God's Intent and Meaning)
7. Why Marriages Fail (Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery)
9. Why Doesn't God Think Lying is Harmless? (Bearing False Witness)
10.From Covetousness to Contentment (Thou Shalt Not Covet)

More on the Significance of the Sabbath for Christians?
ead Commandment 4 above first - The Most Misunderstood Commandment)

Keeping and Observing the Sabbath (Part 1)
Keeping and Observing the Sabbath (Part 2)

Messages on Faith

The Faith That Pleases God Audio (English w/Spanish translation)
Don't Settle For Crumbs Audio (English w/Spanish translation)
A Holy Spirit Reformation Audio (English w/Spanish translat
The Vision of Elisha's Servant
Unrealistic Expectations: Naaman the Leper
A Controlling Spirit
Four Lepers Proclaiming the Gospel

Messages on The Word of God (more to come)

PT.1 The Word of God
PT.2 The Living Word of God
PT.3 The Antidote for Biblical Illiteracy
PT.4 Spiritual Instruction Manual

Discipleship - What is it?

Discipleship: Loving Like Jesus
Discipleship: Loyalty to Jesus
Disciple and the World, The
Discipleship (Response to Jesus call of Love)
The Riches of His Love (The Unfathomable depths)
Into God's Fullness Through Love (Consummation of Love)
Three Marks of a Disciple
What Is True Biblical Prosperity? What is God's Prosperity?

Prosperous Living is Debt Free Living
How To Build A Nest Egg
The Gift of Generosity
True Biblical Prosperity (Part 1)
True Biblical Prosperity (Part 2)
True Biblical Prosperity (Part 3)
Judgment and the Coming Economic Crash

More Articles on Money, The Economy and the Trouble Ahead (From a sister site)

The Secrets of the Christian Life?
Secret's of the Christian Life (Part 1)
Secret's of the Christian Life (Part 2)
Secret's of the Christian Life (Part 3)
The Righteousness of God
Righteousness, Self-Control and the Judgment to Come (Part 1)
Righteousness, Self-Control and the Judgment to Come (Part 2)

Revelations of Heaven and Hell (by those who have been)

48 Hours in Hell
Back From the Dead and Buddha
Disgusting Hell
I Have Seen Hell
Mary K. Baxter's Vision of Hell
Testimony of Olga Part 1anmulcoltballPart 2
Visions of Heaven and Hell Pt.1 anmulcoltballPt.2 by John Bunyan
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Messages On The Christian Life
Short Exhortations:
Health Issues

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