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(The Outer Universe – A Summary)

Why is the universe what it is? What is its structure? What is the equation of the universe? Does the cause explain the structure and the structure confirm the cause?

It is not enough to say that all things evolved into their present form out of some previous simpler form. For if they did evolve, why did they evolve into this particular order and not intosomething quiet different. In our human minds we can't begin to reach out to the never-ending infinities of universes and realize what it means that some star is millions of light years away. Nor can we grasp the inward infinities of the atom and understand that the electron moves in an orbit around the proton a quadrillion times a second. Our minds aren't geared to the infinite. Besides, would it profit us to grasp the vast nebula and the atom and starve or freeze to death?

Psalm 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament showeth His handiwork.”Paul said in Romans 1:20; "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead." This Is The KEY: To find the structure of the physical universe we need but simplify and look at the basic things, which form the universal structure. Having an understanding of the physical universe, we will be able to have a better understanding of the creator of that universe and prove Him, for the physical universe is a mirror which reflects upon its creator much as a picture reflects upon its painter.

  The first and most basic thing in the universe is SPACE for without it there could be no physical universe. Space is made up of three independent directions or dimensions; length, breath, and height. Nothing that man sees or makes orknows of consists of more than or less than 3dimensions.

  Are these three directions an absolute, necessary three? Yes. Have you ever seen a 2 dimensional house, or one of 4dimensions? Elementary space is exactly and always of 3dimensions. No one of these 3can possibly be either of the others and on the other hand no one of the 3 can exist without the others? Why? Let ustake away height. Length and breath now become aplane surface, which is purely imaginary. It does not existent, in the world of actual and real things, therefore the other 2 dimensions become imaginary and non-existent. To give existence to any one, all three are necessary.

Is space also a genuine oneness? The kind in which each must be the whole? Let us consider length for a moment: There are in space an infinite number of parallel lines all running forward and back. All the possible points in space are contained in those parallel forward and back lines. Therefore the direction called length includes all of space. Every point in breath and height are included in its length. So, length is in a sense the whole of space.

Space itself does not exist unless it has all three. Length, breadth and height, in one space. Yet the three are one in that kind of absolute oneness in which each is not a part of space, but the whole of space. They are an absolute unity much like the Triunity of Scripture, where each 1 of the 3 is not a part of God, but rather each one is God.

Next to space is MATTER. It is that which fills and embodies it and gives us all the phenomena of the physical universe. According to modern chemistry and physics, the first, and basic ingredient to matter is energy or as Einstein said, "mass multiplied by the square of the velocity." This is not what energy is but how we measure energy. Energy is not the result of the multiplication of mass by its velocity; rather the energy is itself the cause. Velocity is a result, a manifestation of energy. The second thing in matter, which grows out of energy and embodies it, is motion. Third, are the infinite variations and complexities of motion into which motion differentiates itself, giving us recognizable phenomena as light, color, sound and heat. We call them phenomena.

Are energy, motion and phenomena distinct from one another? First of all the three span theentire range of matter, from the energy it begins as to the phenomena which strikes our senses. Let us compare the three and see if they are distinct from each other.

Is energy the same as motion? No, energy is the source, the cause of motion. It passes into Motion but is not itself motion. Motion embodies energy, contains energy but isn’t the same as energy. Energy issues through motion, in phenomena, but is always unseen and isn't the same as phenomena which is visible, audible and tangible. Can any of these three, exist without the other two, or any two exist without the third? Is it an absolute threeness of no more or less than three? It seems to be so. While energy is not dependent upon motion -as its cause, it cannot exist without begetting motion and through motion, phenomena. If energy never begets motion, it isn't energy, for such is the nature of energy. Motion cannot, exist without energy in back of it. Neither can motion take place without phenomena inevitably issuing from it. Motion also can hardly be motion without being a definite kind of motion, meaning phenomena. Phenomena naturally cannot exist without motion. So it is self evident that no 2 can exist without the third.

Is matter also an absolute oneness in which each is the whole? The physical universe consists entirely of phenomena. Everything we have seen, heard, felt, or smelt, we find by oursenses. These phenomena are nothing more than the impact of various kinds of motion on our senses. So the material universe consists entirely of motion appearing to us as phenomena. Also; we know that motion consists entirely of energy at work. Therefore, the material universe consists entirely of energy.

Matter then, is the same extraordinary oneness and threeness that is found in the spiritual Triunity presented by the Bible as being God.

Then are energy, motion, and phenomena three modes of being? How do they compare with absolute unity?We cannot say that the physical universe acts through energy, motion and phenomena, but- itself exists apart from them. They are not the things it does but three things, which it is. Therefore, they are 3 modes oŁ beings, just as much as 3 dimensions in space or the triunity of scripture.

A further examination of these three bring out relationships of rich content. The logical order of the three are:

   I. Energy first, motion second, and phenomena third. This is the absolute casual order in matter.

a. Energy is the source. It begets and embodies itself in motion, perpetually. It works and acts through motion.

b. Motion is the embodiment of energy. It makes energy operative in the physical universe. It acts; it carries out and executes the possibilities of motion. Energy acts, but it acts entirely through motion, whether light, heat or sound or anything else that makes up the physical universe.

c. Phenomena proceeds from motion. They do not embody motion but proceed from energy through motion. They reveal and interpret motion. They are the medium by which motion touches usin the physical world.

What a remarkable parallel with the triunity of scripture.

   II. The Father is represented as first, the Son as second, and the Holy Spirit as third, in a logical, casual order.

a. The Father is the-Source and begets the Son, perpetually. He embodies Himself in the Son and works and acts through the Son.

b. The Son is the. physical embodiment of the Father. He carries out and executes the plans and potentialities of the Father. The Son acts. Indeed,            the Father acts, but he primarily acts through the Son, whether in creating, living, dying, rising or judging.

c. The Holy Spirit "proceeds" from the Son. He doesn't embody the Son, as the Son embodies the Father. He is represented as a personal mediumthrough whom the Son touches human beings. He reveals and interprets the, Son. He proceeds from the Father through the Son.

Like space, matter is an absolute trinity, by every test of threeness and of oneness and in all these characteristics and relationships like the Triunity of scripture.

The third and last great element in the physical universe is TIME, which is made up of past, present and future.

Is time also an absolute threeness, no more or less, in which no two can exist without the third? It seems self-evident that time has never had more or less than these three distinct parts. But,can time exist without any one of the three? Lets see. If, there is nopast, then time has never existed until this instant and in amoment this instant will be non-existent. If there isno present then time has never existed at any moment. If there is nofuture, time ceases now, and in fact ceased long ago. So, we see that it is an absolute threeness.

Is time also an absolute oneness in which each is not a part but the whole of time? First, all of time is or has been future. It is all that is now past, present and yet to come. The present is allthat is now past, the present and will be all that is future at one time. All of time is or will become past. So each is an absolute triunity. Is this triune time three modes of being? Yes. Past, present and future are 3things which time is, not 3 things which it does. They are the nature of time.

Before proceeding let us summarize. First, there was space, the simple essential triunity. Then, Matter, a richer and fuller triunity, as absolute as the personal triunity of scripture, yet no more truine than Space. Now, we have time, which is no more a triunity than either of the other two, but we will find that it has yet more relationships and characteristics within itself. Of the 3 primal things in the physical universe it is the nearest to spirit and is almost as much a thing of the spirit as of the material. The following analysis will touch untrodden realms, from which the mind may shrink, but hopefully will accept as reality.

How does time exist and what is its source? Moralists, poets and scientists carelessly speak of time as a stream flowing out of the past. But no, time comes out of the future and flows into the past. We have but to take any specific point in time and trace its course thru time to see this self-evident fact. Consider what we call today. It was once next year, far into the future. Then it was next month, near future; then-tomorrow, immediate future. Then it became today. It will soon become yesterday, immediate past; then last month, near past; then last year; distant past. Never has time come out of the past and gone into the future.

We get the misconception of timebecause man’s history comes into the present out of the past. The human race passes from past through the present into the future. So we have thought that time does the same, but it comes out of the future and the two continually meet, instant, by instant. That is why the present is always instantaneous; because we do not go with it but meet it.

Pay close attention to-the next few, paragraphs:

The FUTURE is the source. The FUTURE is unseen, unknown, except as it continually embodies itself and makes itself visible in the PRESENT. The PRESENT is what we see, and hear, and know. It is ceaselessly embodying the FUTURE day-by-day, hour-by-hour, moment-by-moment. Itis, perpetually revealing the FUTURE, hitherto invisible.

The FUTURE is logically first, but not chronologically. For the PRESENT exists as long as TIME exists, and was in the absolute beginning of TIME. The Present has existed as long as TIME has existed. TIME acts through and in the PRESENT. It makes ITSELF visible only in the PRESENT. The FUTURE acts, and reveals ITSELF through the PRESENT. Itis through the PRESENT that TIME, that the FUTURE, enters into union with human life. TIME and humanity meetand unite in the PRESENT. It is- in the PRESENT that TINE, that the FUTURE becomes a part of human life, and so is born and lives and dies in human life.

The PAST in turn comes from the PRESENT. We cannot say that it embodies the PRESENT. On the contrary, TIME in issuing from the PRESENT into the PAST becomes invisible again. The PAST does not embody the PRESENT. Rather IT proceeds silently, endlessly, invisibly from IT.

 But the PRESENT is not the source of the PAST, which proceeds from it. The FUTURE is the source of-both the PRESENT and the PAST. The PAST issues in endless, invisible procession from the PRESENT, but, back of that, from the FUTURE out of which the PRESENT COMES.

The PAST issues, IT proceeds, from the FUTURE through the PRESENT.

The PRESENT therefore comes out from the invisible FUTURE. The PRESENT perpetually and ever newly embodies the FUTURE in visible, audible, livable form; and returns again into invisible TIME in the PAST.

The PAST acts invisibly. IT continually influences us with regard to the PRESENT. IT casts light uponthe PRESENT. That is IT'S great function. IT helps us to live in the PRESENT, which we know, and with reference to the FUTURE, which we expect to see.

If that sounds remarkable, it isn't half as remarkable as what we are now going to do. Let's take this setting-forth of all we know to be the relations of the Future, Present and Past and to read it without change, substituting the words God for Time, Father for Future, Son for Present, and Spirit for Past. We will then have an exact description of the relations between Father, Son, and Spirit as presented in scripture.

The FATHER is the source. The Father is unseen, unknown, except as He continually embodies Himself and makes Himself visible in the Son. The Son is what we see, hear and know. HE is ceaselessly, embodying the FATHER day-by-day, hour-by-hour, moment-by-moment. HE is perpetually revealing the FATHER, hitherto invisible.

The FATHER is logically first, but not chronologically. For the SON exists as long as GOD exists, and was in the absolute beginning of GOD. The SON has existed as long as GOD has existed. GOD acts through and in the SON. HE makes HIMSELF visible only in the SON. The FATHER acts, and reveals HIMSELF, through the SON. It is through the SON that GOD, that the FATHER enters into union with human life. GOD and humanity meet and unite in the SON. It is in the SON that GOD, that the FATHER becomes a hart of human life, and so is born and lives and dies in human life.

The SPIRIT in turn comes from the SON. We cannot say that HE embodies the SON. On the contrary, GOD in issuing from the SON into the SPIRIT becomes invisible again. The SPIRIT does not embody The SON. Rather HE proceeds silently, endlessly, invisibly from HIM.

But the SON is not the source of the SPIRIT, which proceeds from HIM. The FATHER is the source of both the SON and the SPIRIT. The SPIRIT issues in endless, invisible procession from the SON, but back of that, from the FATHER out of which the SON comes.

The SPIRIT issues, HE proceeds, from the FATHER through the SON.

The SON therefore comes out from the invisible FATHER, The SON perpetually and ever-newly embodies the FATHER in visible, audible, Livable form; and returns again into invisible GOD in the SPIRIT.

The SPIRIT acts Invisibly. HE continually influences us with regard to the SON. HE casts light upon the SON. That is HIS great function. HE helps us to live in the SON, which we know, and with reference to the FATHER, which we expect to see.

This is more than likeness. It is identity, not of substance, but of principle. Analogy falls far short of describing such exact repetition of detail arid intricate relationship. It is the same principle in terms of God in the Bible, and time in the world. This is a time universe, and time is exactly like the triunity of Father, Son and. Holy Spirit.

Can there be any doubt in our minds that "The heavens declare the glory of God;" or that "the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead."

The Triunity of the physical world presents the same triune structure in every point as that of the triune God inscripture. They are the same, just as the image of yourself in the mirror is exactly the same in form, color and movement, but not in terms of flesh and blood and spirit, but of glass and quicksilver and light. In every point the same triune structure, the one being God and the other the universe which reflects God. A11 this brings up two self-evident conclusions.

1. The Triunity shown in the, Bible manifestly, presents a vast and adequate reason for the triune structure of the physical universe.

The physical universe is essentially like its: creator and declares that the creation reflects the creator.

2. The fabric of space, matter and time presents a universal and exact confirmation of that triunity in God.

The universe reflects its God and thereby attests that Biblical Trinity which it so completely reflects. It also means that in its triunity, the physical universe brings to us its strongest proof of the existence of God. The triunity of the universe, paralleling that of-God, with all its relationships, with such accuracy, fullness of reflection and precision are impossible without God. By this we can recognize His existence with great clearness, from His world, whether we call it His reflection or creative impress left on the world or His visible vesture revealing His moving presence in the world.

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