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Testimony of Olga

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Testimony of Olga, aged 19, as transcribed and translated from her testimony September 1996.  

Peace to you, dear brothers and sisters:

Right before I came here, I had a revelation.  The Lord said that this Church is waiting to be whipped.  I don't know why your church is waiting for this.

Before I start witnessing about what happened, I want to open Zephaniah 1:14-18.  "The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly, even the voice of the day of the LORD: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly.  That day is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of wasteness and desolation, a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness, a day of the trumpet and alarm against the fenced cities, and against the high towers.  And I will bring distress upon men, that they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the LORD: and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as the dung.  Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD'S wrath; but the whole land shall be devoured by the fire of his jealousy: for he shall make even a speedy riddance of all them that dwell in the land."

I beg of you to open this book when you get home and read it to your children.  I am reading these verses because the Lord told me to do this when I witness.

Her Background

I'm from a Christian family.  I've been in the USA for 2 years.  But I backslid from the Lord after I came to America.  In Russia I was in a good Church which believed in lots of prayer.  It was a different kind of life, but when I came to America, the freedom tempted me to backslide.  In the beginning, you couldn't tell that I was falling, but later on you could see it more and more clearly.  I felt like I had fallen, but I went to Church anyway.  I sang in Church and prayed, but I felt so empty.

People would ask me, "why are you so empty?"  Later on, little by little, satan led me to places where it was very easy to forget about God, so I completely fell away.  I just stopped going to Church and praying altogether.  To make matters worse, the brothers and sisters in the Church stumbled me very much.  This caused me to fall all the way.

Right now, I'm only 19 years old.  One month and a week ago the Lord called me back to Him.  But I tell you, not everyone will have this mercy like the Lord showed me.  Some people will try to receive a revelation from God by praying a lot.  But I didn't pray at all and I even spoke against God two times.  Other people, who have spoken against God, have been in hell for a long time, because the Lord took the Holy Spirit from them as soon as they spoke against Him, or complained against Him.

Let me tell you how it was that I spoke against God two times.  Whenever I was stumbled by Christians, I'd say, "Lord, if You are righteous, make these people fall three times more than I".  I told Him this for a long time.

One time when I was in a prayer meeting, the Holy Spirit spoke and said, "If you continue on this way, the Lord will take His Holy Spirit from you".  When the meeting was done a brother came up to me and said, "maybe satan won't receive you either, because you're so bad".  Hearing this was very painful to me.  Yes, I had backslidden, but how could a Christian come and speak to me that way?  I went home and cried.  I said, "Lord, take the Holy Spirit from me".

I didn't understand what I was saying, because if He had taken the Holy Spirit from me, I would have perished forever.  Satan would have taken my soul and destroyed my flesh right away.  My dear friends, if you have the Holy Spirit, count the cost of how precious this is.  He's a great gift.

When Jesus comes for His Church, the Holy Spirit will lift you up from the earth.  However, I spoke against God and said, "take the Holy Spirit away from me".  My heart had become very hard and I wouldn't forgive.  I began to hate the brothers and sisters.  I viewed them all as evil and not good.  I didn't see their real faces, because I couldn't see how evil I was in my heart and how hard my heart was.  I didn't pray nor read my Bible for a long time.  Before this time I would have wanted to be on my knees praying, but after this I had given up.

I felt like there was something wrong with me, but then I'd say, "oh well, whatever happens, happens".

My Mom and Dad told me, "don't get your eyes on people.  Just go to Church."  However, I couldn't be humble.

How her Visit to Hell's Entrance Started

One day it was around 1 AM, or maybe 20 minutes before.  A sister (in the Lord) came to visit me and we talked for awhile.  This sister was always trying to encourage my faith.  She told me, "don't look around at others.  Go to Church and pray."

Instead I argued and went against her.  Soon the discussion became centred around my judgments: "the pastor isn't right.  This brother or this sister isn't right, etc."

This sister finally told me, "I'm leaving now, but you're invited to come and watch a water baptism tomorrow".  I told her that I wouldn't go.  But she said, "No, let's go".  However, I still wouldn't agree to go.  She told me good-bye and I saw her to her car.

I then went back into my house (I lived alone).  I was thinking, 'I'll get a drink and go to bed'.  I went into the kitchen and started to pour myself some water when I heard someone knocking at my door.  I assumed it was probably the sister who had been visiting and had come back.  Otherwise, who else would come at 1 AM?  I just opened the door nonchalantly.  I didn't look at first. I just opened the door.  When I looked, I saw a man standing there.  He wasn't an earthly man.  He was as tall as the entrance of this Church's building.  He filled my whole door.  He was very tall and beautiful.  But his face!  You've never seen a face like this before!

I want to describe what he looked like.  He was tall and young.  His face shone like a light bulb, so very bright that it was a blinding light.  When I looked at him I was blinded.  When I looked at him again, I couldn't see him because he was so bright.  The light shone from him like glory.  Then I looked at his face (again), and he looked like a man.  He had on a long white robe, which was very long.  I couldn't see his feet, only his hands.  The robe was closed about his neck.  I didn't see his hair.  The light came to his shoulders.  His robe was white like you've never seen on this earth.  His hands were soft and white.  He came into my home and said, "peace for you", but I, brothers and sisters, couldn't say anything.  I just stared.  This was real; not a vision.  I was very scared, because I'd never seen anything like this before.

He said, "soul, this is the last day of your life".  I tell you, when you hear this voice, you don't want to die.  Maybe many of you have asked to die; you want to die, but when you hear this voice, you don't want to die.  You all of a sudden understand that your life hasn't been with God.  When he said this, I started to plead with him.

"I don't want to die.  I'm only 19 years old."  But, I had heard these words so I thought, 'it's all done for me.  I don't have another chance to repent'.

I begged him for life, but he said, "No.  Come and see where you're going".

Her Soul Leaves Her Body

I saw everything start to spin.  I couldn't see my house anymore.  I felt myself rolling in great darkness.  I couldn't see a tunnel, but as I rolled, I felt like years passed by.  I couldn't see anything.  Then I found myself standing on a road. 

The Wide Road

I want to describe this road.  When I stood on the road with the angel, it was very beautiful.  What amazed me were the flowers.  I didn't know their names.  I'd never seen flowers like this on earth.  Every flower had it's own aroma and they were so beautiful.  I paid so much attention to them that I didn't even look to see if the angel was still around.  I didn't look at him or have any desire to talk to him because of the flowers.  They captivated me because they were so beautiful.  They were full of aroma and the air was so nice.  I savored this.

We walked and the angel was silent.  We walked quietly like this for a long way.  This road, with flowers everywhere, looked like it went very far.  As we walked, people began to appear that were walking the same direction on the road.  When I came near them, I recognized my Church and my youth group; even a lot of old people.

Brothers and sisters!  I saw other people's faces that I'll remember the rest of my life.  If I see them in life, I tell them that I saw them on this road.  I ask them, "why are they going to the end of this road?"  Even though they're still alive on earth, they're in sin and going on this road.

As we walked I saw lots of people: Russians that I knew; believers who knew God.  I noticed a pastor who was reading his Bible chapter by chapter, verse by verse.  People were walking on this road in groups and talking.  I thought, 'interesting; he's reading and they're not even listening.  They don't care'.  He just read on and on. He didn't stop.  I was thinking, 'oh, it's good he's reading the Bible'.

I saw many faces that I knew and many I didn't know.  When I came to a certain point along the road, I gave all my attention to the end of the road.  (Even at the start, I had noticed that something wasn't right, because I noticed smoke rising up from the end of it) Now I saw black smoke.  I heard crackling and voices that were yelling and crying for mercy.  Brothers and sisters I can't describe to you these voices.  Even to this day I hear them and how they cry.  I could hear the crackling.  It was a very hot fire.  It was very far away, but I heard it clearly as I came closer and closer, until I came to the road's end.

This smoke burned my body.  It wasn't fire it was just smoke.  I'm 19 years old and I stood close to hell for 3 hours.  Even now, I month and a week later, my body feels lots of pain, but now I have less pain than before.

When I was coming here (to speak) the Lord said that this Church is waiting for a whipping.  Oh brothers and sisters and youth: you're so young and nice.  Fear God's whipping!  I wasn't beaten by whips, but I stood for three hours on the edge of hell and the smoke covered my body.  Even today it's hard to sleep and sit down, because it hurts so bad.  I feel better now than before, but when the Lord touches you with a whip, what can you do?

You who have small children, it's better to freely give your life to God.  The Lord said you're waiting to be whipped.  This means that you are not living according to the Word of God.  Be fearful!  I'm afraid!  Even now my body is in pain.  I can't touch my body very hard.  I can't squeeze anyone's hand hard, because I was burned.

When I came to this edge, I wrapped my arms around myself.  I thought I wouldn't make it because it was so painful.  When the angel saw how it burned me, he came to me and put his hands on my shoulder.  When he put his hand on me, my body was the normal temperature.  At this moment I quickly turned around and faced the road, with the canyon to my back.  After I had turned, two persons appeared. 

Jesus & satan Appear

I don't know who has seen Jesus Christ, but I want to describe how I saw Jesus and how I saw satan.  Firstly I will describe satan: He was not tall, but very fat.  His body was covered with short black hair.  His fingers were very long.  Every part was covered by hair.  He was very scary.  His face was evil looking.  His face had the look of wanting evil.  He had no teeth, only fangs.  He had a very big mouth and very deep holes for eyes.  You couldn't see them.  When I did see his eyes, they looked like cat's eyes; full of evil.  I didn't pay attention to his feet.  I know he is very scary, and he noticed me.  I wouldn't look at him because I was so scared.

I turned myself to the other person.  I didn't know it was Jesus, but I had no strength to look at His face.  I wasn't worthy to look at His face.  He is light.  A light here on earth is nothing compared to Him.  He was much brighter.  He was just light when I looked at Him.  He blinded me.  He was TOTAL light!  I tried to see Him anyway.  He had a long robe on.  I didn't see His feet.  His robe was different than the angel's.  I want to tell you that God's men (the angels) are all the same height.  Jesus' robe shone like a shimmering mirror, but the angel's was just white.  I didn't look at His face, because I wasn't worthy.  I wondered: who is this?  When I looked at His hands, there were holes in them; both hands had holes in them.  These holes stay forever in Him.  When you go up there, I know Jesus will show you His hands and He will say, "child, I redeemed you, but how did you go and spend your time through life?"

I don't know sisters: I see lots of youth here.  At this particular time, I had no make up on, but I don't know how I would have stood there before Jesus with makeup on my eyes.  I did stand before Jesus in pants, not a dress, and I couldn't look at His face.  I was so ashamed.  I felt I was helpless.  However, I had an opportunity to serve God and I could have lived for God.  I knew this and when I realized this I put my head down.  I was so ashamed.

I looked at satan again and saw lots of stuff on his body.  You know how Americans put lots of holes in their ears, sometimes eight?  This was how satan looked; lots of earrings.  He had lots of jewelry, makeup and necklaces fastened on him.  I had this stuff too.  I had everything you could imagine.  But when I saw this I thought, 'I can't make it'.  I never realized that satan would have all this stuff.  I was so scared because I had all this stuff too.  Satan has this stuff and I had boxes of this back home.  I've spent hundreds of dollars for this and I see that satan has this.

I didn't think the Lord would give mercy to me because of this.  I thought, 'my end is hell.  I'm worthy to go to hell.  I didn't serve God and satan had all this stuff'.

He stood there so pridefully as if he wanted to do evil.  He walked around on the road through the people.  Everyone on this road took something from satan.  They just tore these things from him and put it on themselves.  I remember thinking that he wouldn't have enough for everyone, because they wanted so much, but he had enough.

My little sisters and little brothers: today satan is offering this to you.  He says, "take it.  It's not sin".  However, later on you'll understand that it means a lot in your spiritual life.  As they took it from him, I wanted to cry out, "how can this happen?!"  I was so scared that he would see me.  I even saw some old sisters who were prophets come and take stuff from satan.  Even these sisters, with the gifts of the Spirit, fought over this stuff from satan (one on top of the other).  As he came to each one, he patted them on the shoulder and they nodded back in agreement.  However, he just wants their souls.  I don't know why they didn't see his face. The Narrow Road

It was so painful for me to see this that I started crying.  When I saw all these people I felt so sorry for them.  They were walking slowly to the edge (of hell).  Some of them were at the beginning and some were at the edge.  When I walked on this road, I hadn't noticed the small path going off from this road.  This path was so narrow that there was only room to fit a person's two feet, side by side, next to each other.  On both sides of the road appeared something like fog.

When satan came near 2 sisters, they turned from him and went on this narrow road.  They were two sisters from Church in Buffalo.  When they walked on this narrow road, the youth called for them to come back, but they continued walking single file.  It was too narrow to walk together.  Many who walked on further didn't notice this small road anymore.  

It took a long time for satan to give out all these adornments to everyone.  Then he came back and noticed me.  I stood on the edge of hell with 2 people: the angel and Jesus.  The Angel stood close to me with his hand on my shoulder.  When satan came back, he looked at me very hard and evil.  I was so scared when he came to me.  He tried to pat me on my shoulder, but couldn't because the angel's hand was on me.  He walked close to me and said pridefully, "huh, for a long time I've wanted your soul."

I started crying and said, "No!  You'll never get my soul." The angel stood in silence.  I screamed, "No!  I'll never give you my soul!"

Satan opened his mouth and said, "the Word of God says: any kind of man's clothing on a woman is an abomination to God."

What could I say when he said this from the Word of God.  I had heard this many times before from old brothers and sisters.  However, I listened to another voice on earth who said, "it's not sin.  It's not sin to have adornments.  Wear pants.  The pastors wife does.  If it's okay for others, it's okay for you too.  There is a sister who sings in the choir and wears pants, so it's not sin."

Today satan offers this now, but later on he will say, "the Word of God says (such & such)..."  I didn't know how to escape this situation.  I knew I was lost.  I knew I was guilty of everything.  In this place I couldn't say, "I want to find the pastors who stumbled me, or the brothers and sisters who stumbled me".  Right now it was just me and my life.  Now this voice (satan) rebuked me.  I had heard this voice of warning many times before, but I didn't obey and I didn't listen to the Word of God.  My parents had told me many times to do good.  My father was a very good, kind man.  He asked me many times not to wear make up and pants.  He told me to have my clothing in order when I went to Church.

Admonition to Youth

Youth in regards to you, I beg of you to honor your parents.  You know I'm young, but I didn't honor my Mom and Dad.  Oh I respected them, but I didn't honor them and the Bible says "honor your parents".  If you want to have a good life you must honor your parents.  The Bible teaches that even when your parents become senile you still need to honor them.  But brothers and sisters, our parents aren't senile and yet we don't honor them.  I would give anything to have back the years that I didn't honor them.  I would care about my mom, if I could do my life over.  My mom warned me, but I wouldn't listen to her.  For the rest of my life I will regret that I didn't listen to her.  When I had an opportunity to honor my parents, I didn't.  Instead, I raised my voice against them and sometimes yelled at them, but the Bible says this is sin.

I see old brothers preaching a lot, but all of the youth just sit by.  Young men, you need to fear!  If the young brothers just sit there and an old brother, who can hardly stand, goes and preaches, then you need to be in fear, young brothers.  God asks you to preach!  Stand up! Come here and take the Word of God and preach!  When you fast and pray, you'll never raise your voice against your parents.

What she experienced further

When I was standing on the road at the edge of hell, I thought I would never come back to earth.  Oh, how the fire crackled!  I was trembling and scared when satan spoke these words to me.  Here I stood helpless, but when I was on the earth I was prideful.  However, brothers and sisters, when you find yourself there, your pride disappears.  When satan looks at you and your tears are flowing, you will be sorry for every minute of your life that you didn't dedicate to God.  I want to call you all to give your life to the Lord.  I heard the same call to give my life to the Lord many times, but I heard another voice crying to the Lord to always give mercy to me.  It asked "give mercy", but the Lord says, "I am Holy.  There is no darkness in Me".

Eight Souls were Lifted out from Hell to Speak with Olga

I tell you, I saw the eight souls whom God brought up from hell.  I wasn't in hell, so please don't add to this and say that I was in hell.  I was on the edge of hell.  I saw eight souls that were lifted out from hell.  These souls explained to me why they were in hell.  I can tell you about four of them, but I cannot tell you about the other four.  The Lord will show me the depths of hell.  After this I can tell you about the other four souls.

Part 1 Continued: The First Soul in Hell


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