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We live in a world that rejects God, Biblical Truth, and Christ!

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"Ö this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the LORD:" (Isaiah 30:9).

We live in a world where the majority of the people reject the God of the Bible, thoroughly reject Biblical Truth, and live their lives without Christ in their hearts. Moreover, they donít want anything to do with God because they love their sin. That is why the Bible calls us a "peculiar people," and to most of the world we are extremely peculiar and in many cases hated because of our faith in Christ. They hate us because we make them uncomfortable and remind them of their sin. They donít want to face, think about or deal with the reality of their lives and life after death. They think that if they ignore it or deny the truth that somehow they can escape it and get by with their sin. Most people in this world have made the conscious choice to live their lives apart from Christ and in rebellion to the Truth of His Word, and those who embrace the Lord and His Truth are seen as the enemy.

Those who choose to live in rebellion to God and His Word are always on the offensive, marketing their rebellion to the masses, finding great comfort and strength in others who have also chosen to live their lives in rebellion to God. They only love those who are like them, in the same rebellion they are in. It is like drunks in a bar. Someone once said that drunks love company. Wrong! Drunks love drunken company, others who are just like them.

These unbelievers are loud, bold, aggressive, and use all of the modern tools of communication to reach the masses 24/7 with their lies and deceptions. They believe that by fighting the truth and denying it, they can escape it and they can be free to live their lives of sin without rebuke. Because we have the better percentage of two full generations out there who have never been to church, and who have no foundation of Biblical faith in their life, these lost masses have become easy prey for these tools of Satan who propagate a lifestyle of rebellion to God, rejecting Christ's love and the Absolute Truth of the Bible. The lies of the rebels make their flesh feel good and tell them they are alright just like they are and that they can live as they please and there is no one who will stop them or judge them for it.

The very first thing that those who choose to live a life of rebellion MUST do, is minimize and try to discredit God's Word. You see the Bible is God's inspired, inerrant Word, representing Absolute Truth, and is our final authority in all matters. Anyone who doesnít believe that is NOT a true believer, whether or not they go to church, profess to be a Christian or not. The Bible is the very book that condemns them for their rebellion against Godís commandments! That is why you will always hear those who have chosen to live in rebellion to God endlessly mocking and trying to castigate the Bible and calling it fiction, fairy tales, made up by men and more. The fact is, the Bible was written by God Himself, through the pens of men who were operating under His Divine inspiration. It is 100% accurate in ALL matters of life.† Those who deny it will always attack it, but in the end, God's Word will still be standing. The truth is the truth, whether or not you accept it, believe it or live by it. It remains truth no matter what is said about it or thought about it. Truth is absolute and eternal, just like God is for He and His Word are one and Jesus is the Word made flesh so we could see a demonstration of the Word and the Love of God lived out in our world.

The biggest problem we have in our world today is not those who choose to live in rebellion to God and His Word; it is those who know Christ as their Savior who do not live the life and stand up for what they profess to believe! While the haters of God without shame stand in the public square declaring their false beliefs, we, the people who know the Lord have chosen to hide behind the four walls of our churches and in the comfortable Christian subculture we have created to separate and isolate ourselves from the non-believing world. Excuse me, but I must have missed something in the Bible. God never said to isolate yourself from the world, but to be the "salt and light" of the world. How can you be a light to the world when you are hiding your light under a bushel (within the four walls of church or on ďChristian TVĒ?

The reason the enemies of God have such a loud voice in the world is because they are speaking for the most part unopposed! Nobody is standing next to them declaring the Truth of God and exposing them for the liars they are. What this all really boils down to is a battle for the souls of men and we are supposed to be ambassadors for Christ in this world. Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy, while Jesus came to give life and life more abundantly, but most of the world doesnít know that and has never heard that. Sadly those who serve Satan are more passionate about serving him, than those who serve the Lord are about serving Him! Godís people are lukewarm or just plain uncaring about a lost world going to hell and the unbelievers are doing everything in their power to take others to hell with them, to force others to believe and follow their evil ways that lead to damnation.

It is time for every man, woman, and child who knows Jesus Christ in the pardon of their sins to start taking a stand for righteousness and not allow the spokesmen of Satan to go unopposed. Don't be fooled. They are NOT nice people, they are NOT your friends, they are NOT your buddies, they are deadly serious in taking as many people to hell with them as they can. Are you as serious about taking others to heaven with you?

When you stand up for truth, you will be made to fell like you are facing a stacked deck in every sense of the word, all against you.† But never forget, YOU AND GOD ARE ALWAYS A MAJORITY! He said, ďI will never leave you nor forsake youĒ and ďGo ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.Ē So never feel alone, or intimidated when you are with a group of non-believers. Many so called Christians will end up being swayed by the majority so that they donít appear "offensive" because they want to go along and get along. They would rather compromise and go along with the crowd headed for hell than stand for Jesus, forgetting that Jesus said; ďBut whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.Ē If you will not stand up for Jesus when it counts, then neither will He stand up for you when it counts. Stop accepting or letting others say that they can make it because they are good, or do good works or are not like the bad sinners or whatever because the Bible declares there are NONE that are "good" and all sin God sees and will judge one day. At some point, everyone has to eventually decide what they will believe and who they will follow. God has designed it that way. No one will be in hell that really wanted heaven and Jesus and no one will be in heaven that didnít want to be there enough to follow Jesus and obey Him. You either follow God or you deny Him, there is no middle ground.

The bottom line is that either you believe the Bible represents Absolute Truth or you don't, and if you don't, that means it is now up to you and each person to determine what Truth is for yourself, making yourself God. Of course, for those who deny the Truth of Gods' Word, will immediately go into attacking the validity of the Bible since again, it is the very Word that defines their choice as sin and condemns them for their sin. ďFor every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reprovedĒ (John 3:20).

When you stand for the truth know that the wicked will say that you are "full of hate" and "intolerant" because you call their sin, sin and tell them God will not accept it or them unless they repent of their sin.† They will tell you that God is a God of "love" and He doesnít judge and condemn men, making Godís love a cheesy meaningless love. They donít understand that true love warns and protects the object of love, true love will correct one who goes astray, as a parent who loves a child will do everything to protect the child from running into the street or sticking a clothes hanger into an electric outlet. That is also love, but a part of it they reject as love when it has to do with God. Instead of dealing with the real issues and reality, they will just make endless personal attacks and you will be able to literally see satan manifesting in the faces, body language, and speech as they rant and rave against the truth and you for speaking the truth. Doesn't the Word talk about being persecuted for Christ, and to count it joy when you are? But today the church doesnít want to be persecuted for Christ but to be popular and accepted by the world more than they want to be accepted by God. Who are you trying to please, God or the world?

This is the typical ploy of those who reject God's Truth. They use shrill mindless empty rhetoric in an attempt to silence those who believe the Bible. To not accept their life of sin and agree with their rejection of truth means that you are full of hatred and a religious bigot. Yes, God is a God of love, but He is also a God of JUDGMENT and won't be mocked! Those who oppose Christ are experts at trying to demonize people of Faith by trying to bully them into being silent so that they can share their false message unopposed. Sadly, for the most part it has worked and the church is hiding from them and so most of our young people today have only heard their message of lies and deceits.

People of Faith don't have the stomach to stand up to these bullies and usually back down, leaving them to propagate their lies to the masses unopposed. But the only way God doesn't win is when you don't put Him in the game. No, that doesnít mean that all men will accept the truth, but then God never said they would, only that they truth will cause them to have to make a choice for or against the truth, knowing what they are doing and so then they will have no covering for their sin. The difference is that the will die in and for their sin, but you will be free of their blood and it will not be upon your hands. But if you donít warn the wicked, God said he will still die and be judged for his sin, but his blood will be upon your hands for not warning the sinner. All of the abusive language, the name-calling, the mocking, can't put one dent in the Truth, doesn't mean for a second that God doesn't exist, and never changes the fact that each person will die one day and at that moment the only thing that will matter is do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior!

There are masses of hurting people, dying and going to hell every day and we have got to reach them. The agents of Satan are bold and relentless in bringing their lies to people and putting them into bondage that will end up destroying their lives and leading them to the depths of hell.† That is why we must be dedicated and passionate about reaching those same masses each day with God's Truth and the hope and love of Christ.

My word to you today is to BE BOLD in Christ. If you will stand for the truth, God will give you boldness, and He will give you courage. Why should the servants of Satan be so bold with a lie, and we who posses the Absolute Truth of God's Word be so passive with the Truth we have been given and entrusted with? Remember, it is not YOU they are rejecting, it is Christ, so donít take it personally. When the lost attack you, they are simply being used as instruments of unrighteousness and it is not you they were attacking, but Jesus in you, whom you are representing. Our job is to simply share the Truth, what those who hear that Truth do with it is up to them. It is then their responsibility, not ours. Our responsibility is to tell them the truth.

So fear not, when it comes to those in your family, those you go to school with, those you work with, those you meet in the course of your life who have chosen to deny the Truth and reject Christ. Stand up to them with the Word of God, knowing that in the end His Truth will still be standing when nothing else is. God never told you to hide the light within you, but to let your light shine for the world to see. God puts people in your life every day who are hurting, lost, and needing His love. Don't neglect the opportunity to share that love with them as God gives you the opportunity. The fact is the world is sharing its lies with them 24/7, you may be the only person they come across this day who will give them the words of life!

Now more than ever the men and women of God have got to stand up and be heard.† If those who serve Satan can do it, why can't we? The lost masses are out there, looking for answers. Satan is out there 24/7 giving them answers that will lead them to eternal damnation. It is our job as those who know the Lord, know His Truth, to bring those masses the ONLY answer there is to life...Jesus Christ!

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