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Mormon Literature & Notable Mormon Leaders

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Mormon Scripture (the "Standard Works" ):

The Pearl of Great Price : This short Mormon book claims to be a "selection of choice materials touching many significant aspects of the faith and doctrine" of the LDS Church . It became a standard work of the church (i.e. Mormon scripture) by action of the First Presidency in 1880, and contains: The Doctrine & Covenants - A lengthy collection of supposedly "divine revelations and inspired declarations" received mostly by Joseph Smith. Much Mormon Doctrine is derived from this book . The Bible - Mormons accept the Bible as authoritative scripture, with the important caveat "as far as it is translated correctly". This caveat gives Mormon leaders the freedom to alter the Bible to suit their own needs and to be superceded by other Mormon 'scriptures'. Mormon confidence in the Bible is less than that of the three works above due to Joseph Smith's incorrect contention that the Biblical canon is incomplete and inaccurate due to errors in translation and transcription. This has been disproven by many scholars.

Mormon Doctrine:

Transcribed Sermons of Early LDS Church Leaders:

LDS Church History:

Miscellaneous LDS Publications:


Mormon Prophets and Notable Leaders

Joseph Smith (1805-1844): Founder of the LDS Church, 1st President and Prophet; he led church members to Nauvoo, Illinois, where he was killed while imprisoned.

Brigham Young : 2nd LDS President and Prophet; he led church members to Salt Lake City, Utah.

John Taylor - 3rd LDS Prophet and President.

Wilford Woodruff - 4th LDS Prophet and President.

Lorenzo Snow - 5th LDS Prophet and President.

Joseph F. Smith - 6th LDS President.

Heber Grant - 7th LDS President.

George Albert Smith - 8th LDS President.

David O. McKay - 9th LDS PResident.

Joseph Fielding Smith - 10th LDS President.

Harold B. Lee - 11th LDS President.

Spencer W. Kimball - 12th LDS President.

Ezra Taft Benson - 13th LDS President.

Howard Hunter - 14th LDS President.

Gordon Hinkley - 15th and current (9/03) LDS Prophet and President.

Orson Pratt (1811-1881) - LDS Apostle and contemporary of Brigham Young and Joseph Smith.

Bruce McConkie (1915-1985) - Mormon apostle and key apologist of the 1950s-80s. His book 'Mormon Doctrine' can be found in many Mormon households and is a standard reference used by Mormons to talk about church doctrine.

James E.Talmage - Apostle of the LDS church and author of a long and complete description of Joseph Smith's Articles of Faith in 'A Study of the Articles of Faith',1899. It is an authorized, book-length explication of Mormon belief. The Articles of Faith, from the Pearl of Great Price , contain a concise statement of 13 'official' central tenants of Mormonism. While most knowledgeable Christians would disagree with many of these articles (esp. #3,8,10; with #9 opening the door for latter day revelation on par with the New Testament), the most controversial LDS doctrines are not covered therein.

George Q. Cannon - Counselor to presidents Young, Taylor, Woodruff and Snow, former member of the First Presidency.

Heber C. Kimball - First Counselor to Brigham Young.

Milton R. Hunter - First Council to the Presidency.

Sidney Rigdon - (1793-1876): Baptist preacher who converted to Mormonism and played a key role in the birth of the LDS church by serving as Joseph Smith's chief advisor. He ultimately lost faith in Joseph Smith and was excommunicated after accusing Smith of soliciting his daughter. He consistently took a strong anti-polygamy stance despite the 'revelations' of Joseph Smith concerning polygamy and which later appeared in the Doctrine and Covenants .



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