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'Mormon' or 'Christian'?

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The LDS church has recently exerted great effort to portray itself as a Christian denomination :

Yet LDS leaders seem to fall on both sides of this issue. For example, President Hinckley says:

Of course, early Mormon prophets and leaders made VERY clear statements explaining that their church was NOT a Christian denomination (see: The Only True Church? ). They claimed that there was a total apostasy of all Christendom after the death of the original apostles. Here are just a few quotes:

The Mormon response to those who question whether they are Christians is to accuse them of being contentious and unloving. Mormons will proudly claim that the LDS church never criticizes other beliefs and therefore no one should criticize them. Based on the statements above, this obviously isn't true; the Mormon reaction is merely feigned indignation or reflects an ignorance of statements made by their own leaders.


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