It seems the United Nations has determined what we have been reporting from our sources for the past 18 months. That Saddam Hussein shipped his weapons of mass destruction components along with medium–range ballistic missiles before and after the war in Iraq in 2003.

The United Nations is now interested in finding what happened to the weapons.

This report, recently reported in the World Tribune contradicts the previous information that denied Saddam had any weapons of mass destruction. Under pressure from the French and Germans, the U.N. inspectors claimed that they went throughout Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion and found no evidence of any weapons or any manufacturing of weapons. New information is demonstrating otherwise.

Satellite photographs taken before the war show how quickly Saddam dismantled the many metal buildings at his WMD weapons sites. According to the report in May of 2003 a ballistic missile site was visible on satellite and by February 2004 the entire site had disappeared.

The metal from these many dismantled facilities was sent to Europe and around the Middle East, at a rate of 1,000 tons of metal a month. Demetrius Perricos, the UNMOVIC executive chairman is concerned about proliferation risk. Some of the materials sent abroad still have the U.N. inspection tag on them.

Inspectors state that the Baghdad site contains missile components, reactor vessels and fermenters. The fermenters are used in the production of chemical and biological warheads. Some suggest the components could be in a Middle East country and could be used at this time for weapons development.

Information indicates that high ranking agents for Saddam shipped the materials out before the war. Mohammad El Baradei, director general of the Atomic Energy Agency said in April that material from Iraqi nuclear facilities were being smuggled out of the country.

My Comment:

At the time President Bush made his plans for war, intelligence information was clear that Saddam posed a great danger to the future security of the Middle East and in the future a threat to America.

Because the United Nations under French and German influence pressured the United States to delay the war (with more resolutions) this gave ample time for Saddam and his agents to gain information from Muslim agents who work on the United Nations Security Council. This open window gave Saddam time to make contacts and set up the dismantling of his operations.

I feel that Saddam believed he would survive another war with the United States, and eventually rebuild his programs. We must remember that the United Nations is very anti-American but remains with us because of the money we pump into the organization. Many of the nations who are always condemning Israel for standing up against terrorist in their home land, never once have condemned a homicide member for murdering innocent men, women and children in a bus bombing.

The hypocrisy of the United Nations is becoming more evident and visible as time progresses.

Recently, FOX NEWS has been the only major news outlet that has exposed the double standard of the United Nations (The owners of other networks have given money to the United Nations). The U.N. was responsible for a food for oil program in Iraq, while Iraq was under sanctions. However, the paper trail discovered by coalition forces in Iraq indicates a trail of greed and corruption, as government leaders from French, Germany and even Russia pocketed money while the people in Iraq continued to suffer.

Some of the leaders in Europe desire an administration change in Washington, BEFORE all of the truth can come out. Some believe that a change in November will bring a new administration that will turn the other cheek to the abuses of the foreign leaders. They fear four more years of the present leadership will expose them and cause serious damage to their leadership.

I believe it is only a matter of time before information will be presented that will demonstrate:

More to come later.

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Updated: 3:47 p.m. ET July 18, 2004

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