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            Many would ask the question, "How could you prove the existence of God? " First, the very existence of the Jewish people proves there is a God. Second, the existence of Israel and third, the existence of Jerusalem. When you understand that the people were scattered, the nation of Israel did not exist. The city of Jerusalem was occupied by 7 or 8 different groups of people since 70 a.d., and now the Jewish people have returned to the land, the nation of Israel once again exists and Jerusalem is it's capitol and know that no other people or nation in history has ever accomplished such a feat then you have to know that there is something beyond that which is natural behind all this happening, that someone sovereign has had a hand in it.

            If that is not enough for the skeptical, then consider Genesis 17:19 The proof of the existence of God is not just the Jewish people but also the nation of Israel. 1Chronicles 16:16-18 Again there is an everlasting covenant for Israel. Then there is a covenant about Jerusalem. Ezekiel 37:25-26 In the word of God, god made an everlasting covenant with the Jewish people, one for Israel and another for Jerusalem.

            Looking at prophecy of what is co come with the rapture and afterward we see: 1Thess4:16-17, Rev.20:4, Ezekiel 37:21-24, Rev.19:15-16. Christ will be king of kings, ruling the world.

            Israel was in Egyptian bondage for 400 years, but then returned and established their nation in the land. Then they were destroyed byt he Babylonian empire, but again they returned and rebuilt. Then they were again destroyed by the Romans in 70AD and they returned to the land in 1948. When you look at  the Jewish people, you see that hand of a sovereign God because no other people over so many centuries have again and then again been restored, even after 2000 years. No other people, no other nation, no other city.

            Jerusalem was a originally Salem. Gen.14:18. There Abraham met Melchazedek. Then in 1Chronicles 11:5 it is called the city of Jebus, the Jebusites lived there. Joshua took the city, but didn't live there, even after the children of Israel controlled the promised land.

            Then the Jews came and possessed the land and took over the land. They were captured and taken away by the Babylonians but returned to later be seized by the Romans and when the Temple and Jerusalem were destroyed in 70AD. the Romans came, the Byzentine came, the Marmalukes came, the crusaders came, the Muslims came, the British came, all these different Gentile nations controlled it. Then in 1948 Israel was reformed but much of Jerusalem was part of Jordan before the 1967 war. The western part of the city was the Jewish part and a wall separated it from the rest of Jerusalem. After the 1967 war, the rest of the city was taken over by Jerusalem, all but the Temple mount which is in the hands of the Muslims. All of htis is in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. And that proves the existence of God.

            But why would God choose that place? This was the center of the Garden of Eden in the beginning. There in a rock quarry they found a snake with legs. Genesis tells us the serpent was cursed to crawl on its belly after the deception of Even and fall of man. That means that it didn't crawl on it's belly before the fall. That is evidence that the early serpent walked on legs.

            Second the Gihon springs. Genesis 2:13, this is an evidence that the Garden was there, because of the river that flowed from it. Another evidence of the Garden being there is Gen.3:7 Adam sowed fig leaves over their bodies after the fall and close by is a place know for it's figs and called the house of figs. AMtt.21:19, Mark 11:14, Also it is the place where Jesus cursed a fig tree, so we know they were there. Then the fourth evidence may be a city called the city of Adam not far from Jerusalem. A city named after Adam. We know that when he left the Garden he had to live somewhere and as there are many other cities names after Biblical people in the area, there is also this one named after Adam. Gen. 3:23

            There is tradition among Christians and Jews that God, in creating the Earth, stood there where the Temple Mount platform. Another theory according to Jewish scholars by early traditions was that when God created Adam, it was with dirt of the ground where the Temple Mount is. Origin, an early church father from 185-253 AD, wrote about this. He refers to a Christian tradition that Christ was crucified where Adam was buried, where Adam's skull was found, thus the name Calvary, in Latin meaning a skull. That could be why Jerusalem was important to the Lord because it was the center of the Garden of Eden.

            Another reasons may be because it is the center of the nation. Ezek 5:5 In the midst means in the Hebrew, in the center of. There were three sacred mountains connected with Jerusalem. There is Ophel where the pool of Siloam is mentioned in 2 Chronicles 27:3, then Zion where the Tabernacle of David was, Psalms 2:6 and then Moriah, where the Temple was in 2 Chronicles 3:1.. These three mountains are Jerusalem. Three holy mountains connected together as one. The Temple mount is the most sacred mountain in the world.

            Then a commentary on the New Testament from the Talmud and Hebraica says "It is a tradition received by all, that the place where David built an altar in the threshing floor of Araunah, was the place where Abraham built his, upon which he bound Isaac: where Noah his, when he went out of the ark; that in the same place was the altar upon which Cain and Abel offered: and Adam offered there when he was created and from thence he was created." It is saying that this area was connected to David, to Abraham, to Noah, to Abel and Cain and to Adam. If you look at scripture, Abraham took Isaac to that mountain in Genesis 22:2. One of the mountains of mt. Moriah. Then the Temple of Solomon was there, 2Chronicles 3:1.

            Where did Moriah get its' name? There is a plant called the Moriah plant that looks like a 9 brench candelabra. It still grows there. When you squeeze the plant a fragrance comes from it. The branches are perfect and look like a Hanukkah Menorah and Moriah may have been named after that plant.

            Another interesting thing is that Moriah may be referenced in Song of Solomon 4:6 speaking of the mountain of Myrrh. Myrrh is mentioned more than any other plant in scripture. It refers to something bitter and was part of the anointing oil Exodus 30:23-25, Psalms 45:8-9; Esther 2:12. So there is alot of things connected with Myrrh.

            Yet more than that is the shape of the mountains because the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet all have significance. The letter Gimel represents a camel. You have others that have a symbol. Tav, the 22nd and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet represents a cross. Aleph represents an Ox. The topology of Mt. Moriah on a map, without all the building is like the tenth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, Yud.  The symbol for it is a hand and alludes to the fact that God's hand is on the mountain. Guess what names in the Bible begin with the letter Yud? Judah, Jerusalem, Jacob and Yahweh and Yeshua. That letter is the first of all those names. The Hebrew letter Shiyn, the 21st letter of the Hebrew Alphabet is important because it represents the name of God and is similar to the letter W. When you look at it as an W, you have on the right hand side the Kidron valley, going down and around into the Valley of Hinon on the Left. The Tyrophian valley runs in the middle. THe mountains where the valleys run looks like Shiyn, the letter put on the Mezzuzah that every Jewish person has on their doorpost.

God choose Jerusalem becaue it was the center of the Garden, it is where creation began, it is the center or navel of the world. It is the place Adam was created and the second man Adam had to come and die to restore man back to God. That city has been a battlefield throughout the centuries and this is where Jesus will return as men try to overrun it and destroy the Jewish people.

            Deut12:5 It is the place God put His name.

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