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Destroy Your Idols

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What Idols you ask?  Anything that is set up before God. Anything that is praised or honored before Him God is a Jealous God.

He will not be second to anyone or anything. Be very careful who and what you seek before going to Him. Before Looking to Him and asking Him Before seeking His face in prayer.

Not leaving His presence until you get an answer. Asking for the Holy Spirit for guidance and wisdom. O the Idols man worships daily. Without even realizing it

Computers, TV's, Cell Phones Receive daily attention Religiously are so many devoted O but how many seek the Lord with such fervidness?

How many worship man Pastors, Actors and Actresses? How many worship statues? Mary, Allah and Buddha?

Mammon is a god to many. As the O so mighty buck is worshipped daily Many only want to receive material blessings. They have still yet to figure out. Everything this world has to offer is worthless

Many burn candles and incense to their gods that do not even exist. O what a waste!
These gods are a figment of their own imagination who cannot save them.

Even in death they cry to these dead nonexistent gods but their heart wrenching cries only go unheard never once even considering calling on the Lord of Host ,Even whispering the sweet Savior's name but once ... "O Jesus Help Me!" The Lord would respond in Mercy and Grace. But they refuse to call out to Him.

O what a dreadful end their last breath shall be Dying in sin never knowing Him.
God warned all NOT to worship Idols. Idols come in many forms, shapes and sizes.
Some live and breath as in people or animals some are only objects or images.

People of God! Check your hearts and lives SMASH and burn all idols in your lives TODAY! The Bulldozer is ON the way! Don't make Him do it for YOU!

And they served their idols: which were a snare unto them. (Psalms 106:36).
They served idols, although the Lord had told them, "You must not do this." (2 Kings 17:12) The idols will vanish completely. (Isaiah 2:18) I am Yahweh, that is My name;I will not give My glory to another, or my praise to idols. (Isaiah 42:8)

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