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Realities for Today in America

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What is God saying for us today? When you are preaching to human need on the streets no one will condemn you, but when you speak prophetic truth and speak of God bringing judgment and things considered negative, there is great resistance.

††††††††††† It is not enough to claim to be Pentecostal when the Holy Spirit is nothing more than speaking in tongues and not changing lives. We have to get beyond religion and worship of our own comfort and blessings. Pentecost has to be real. It is not a bless me club to make you feel good and give you goose bumps and cause you to hump up and down and shout but to change lives and give power to live the Christian life and overcome the power of sin and temptation and live for Jesus.

††††††††††† Muslims can be martyrs for their religion but they canít handle their problems and see people changed that are on drugs and alcohol. Only the power of the unhindered gospel can do that.

††††††††††† We have seen great tragedy, the towers fall and great problems since as Hurricane Katrina. What was God trying to tell us?

††††††††††† God is about to shake America and He has too. They are grinding and sand blasting the Ten Commandments out of Marble. The Supreme Court has said you can have them outside, but not inside. God said He wanted to write his commandments in our hearts and then write a letter with out lives as a testimony of Him, a Living Epistle! God said write the Word on your doorposts and publish it. But man is saying keep Godís word out of society. They are removing all the postings of the Ten Commandments and God will not let us get by with it.

††††††††††† We are becoming totally secularized. In Sweden 30% live together without marriage, they donít want God in their constitution. We also are going that route of becoming totally secularized and anyone who speaks of judgment they call a doomsday preacher and no one wants to hear truth. If we keep worshipping our comfort and mock the truth and marriage commitments and accept that which God calls abomination, our comfort level with disappear and we will come into a time of terrible judgments. God asks and invites us into His presence and into the rock and to find comfort and covering and protection but we make light of it and because of it we are going to soon be facing horrible acts and situations.

†††††††† Terrorism is not bringing a change in hearts. When a tragedy is happening, people run for their cameras and the heart isnít touched. They donít think of eternal things. God is going to have to hit our comfort and our pocket books and He surely will.

††††††††††† We have to look at our own responsibilities, our own hearts. We have to make sure we are not like Sardis with only a reputation of being alive but in reality dead.

††††††††††† In N.Y., Times Square Church was warned before 9/11, even having hours of silence in the church. They knew that God was about to move and they had such a presence of God they could not speak. Yet this tragedy did nothing to this nation for it brought no heart change and no real repentance and turning to God in the land. God tried to speak to America but we didnít listen and learn from the tragedy of 9/11 and so we are headed for worse because we worship our lifestyle and comfort and blessing and donít care about the needy and hurting.

One of the most merciful things God can do is bring us to humility. Most likely we will be broken and devastated first. Humility can only come through difficult times. But people donít want to hear this. His word is a fire and a hammer and the cross, the love of God can break us and must. We must allow Godís word to break us and bring us to our knees and learn and turn like the prodigal and then He would cover us and not shame us. But the consequences of our bad choices will bring indescribable consequences if we donít repent.

The goodness of God leads us to repentance, but if we do not repent then we must face His judgment. Behold the goodness and severity of God and if we will not accept the goodness, then we will face the severity. Love is more important than gifts of the spirit. We have been blessed and we must choose to bless others. We must love and give and live the gospel.

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