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The Real War: Islam vs. Judeo-Christian Ideology

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What is going on in the Muslim community, especially among the young that is causing what we have just witnessed in London?

One leader said to me, ‘You don't understand. Until the western world comes to the reality that this is a war between the Judeo-Christian civilization and Islam, as long as you send your F-15s, your Patriot missiles, and your tanks to Iraq, you will not win this war. This is a war that is being waged up here (points to his head). Until you understand that, these kinds of instances that we saw today in London will continue to happen.’

And I get a sense that we will see this repeated in Denmark, Italy, and in other countries that have supported the United States.

It is true that when 9-11 happened, we had not invaded Iraq or Pakistan or anybody and we had not been waging war against or attacking Islam or Muslims, but they had long declared war against America and were fighting a one sided battle against us for years and had attacked Americans in numerous countries.

For many Americans, 9-11 was the wake-up call. They said, ‘What have we been doing to these people?’ This has become long war. They have seen our forces occupy their most sacred ground - Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, and the most religious pillars for Islam. They say, “you do not belong there.” (To them, just to have our troops stationed there, even when we went there in the first Gulf war to defend them from Saddam overtaking them as he had already done Kuwait, was unacceptable, as to them there is no reason or excuse for infidels, non-Muslims, to be on their soil.)

You have to put it in a context of a larger war. They see this as a dream to create what the Muslims in the Islamic world call the Khalifah – that means a global Islamic regime that will control the world. That is their desire, goal and faith.

In fact, five years ago, one of the individuals I talked to yesterday, opened up his cupboard, and I saw tens of thousands of typed pieces of paper. I went through them and said, ‘What is this?’ He said, ‘This is what the world would be like under Islam. I figured out the political aspects, the economic aspects, the social aspects, and the trade aspects.’

They have the entire idea of how they are going to rule the world. Talking to the Islamics, they look back at the Ottoman Empire, where Islam ruled a large swath of the world.

For a better understanding of their thinking, you must read my comprehensive article “The Muslims Final Prophet – The Mahdi

People in America with “political correctness” refuse to open their eyes and listen to these realities, even when they are coming from the Muslims themselves who are waging this war against us. They steadfastly refuse to admit and say this is a struggle between Christianity and Islam. I mean, this is at the heart of Islam - world domination thinking and ideology.

There is no political correctness in the world of Islamic fundamentalism. They say it as crystal clear as possible - Osama bin Laden, and all of the cadres of Islamic warriors, say this is a war waged principally by the United States, being the number one Judeo-Christian nation. They are waging a war, and we are in a battle for souls, but also a battle in principality, of this idea that we are going to conquer.

And incidentally, these young radical Muslims in Europe, and other parts of Europe, see the dream of the United States, under the leadership of George W. Bush, and how we want to advance Democracy. But democracy comes smack up against the idea of building this Islamic world. They don’t believe in our dream of democracy for all men and nations.

Actually, their dream is not democracy, it is theocracy - under the rule of the imams, like they have in Iran. That is an ideal theocratic state, in their view.

I remember talking to some very brilliant young Muslim Islamics in London, and I was captivated by just how intelligent they were. Many of these Muslims, they look at western culture, and they are so angry at their societies. They see the pornography and nudity on television, and the coarseness of society, and they say, ‘Islam is the answer. Islam will get rid of this – it will get rid of the abortions, it will get rid of homosexuality, and all of these vices in society. We'll clean up the society, so it will be a pure society.’ But granted, there will not be any religious freedom for others or any real freedoms period, whether of religion, speech or press.

But why don’t the Brits get serious about dealing with this problem? They are a very tolerant people, but these madrosses (religious schools) were revealed to them four or five years ago.

And this is what is scary. The British intelligence are reputable, they have such an incredible apparatus of infiltrating these groups. I am shocked they were not able to snuff out these characters.

It also tells me that we are seeing a new breed of Islam. It is what is called in the intelligence world ‘Lily whites.’ These people are squeaky clean. There is no paper trail, and no evidence that they went to Pakistan or Afghanistan. We have no M.O. on them. These are young recruits that are so angry at what they see in society. And an imam comes along and says, ‘Stand up and do something for your faith, and stop going to the discos and pubs of London. Do something for your faith. Go be a martyr for the sake of Islam.’

You might ask, “Can’t the Brits close those madrosses down and arrest those imams? I mean, they are inciting revolution and violence.”

I think the bigger story here is the United States coddling President Musharraf of Pakistan. We have not put the heat on him to close down these madrosses, these religious schools. They are the owners. These guys, two of the suicide bombers, went to Pakistan, and they did not do anything.

This is just a minor bit of information that you won’t read in the papers or hear on our CNN (Communist News Network).

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