The Struggle in Iraq and America's Controversy with God


Years before the liberation of Iraq from the iron clad evil grip of the Hussein clan, I publicly preached that Iraq would be the nation where many of the future prophetic scriptures dealing with the final Islamic kingdom and the coming Antichrist would manifest. At the time when I was expounding on this information, people often looked at me with drooping eyes and a slight yawn in their breathing. However, during the past five months, I have received many letters from individuals saying, "I remember you talking about this happening..."

One chapter in our book, Unleashing the Beast, deals with Iraq. The two main Islamic groups, the Sunni and Shiite sects have been at odds with each other as far back as the seventh century and since the death of the Islamís founder and Prophet Muhammad. Islamís spiritual leaders have been divided having their command centers in two different locations however; segments from both groups unite over the destruction of Israel and death to the Jews.

Saddam considered himself a Sunni Muslim. Many of the Shiite Muslims living in southern Iraq were descendants from Muslims families originating in Iran, a neighboring country that fought a war with Saddam and his armies for ten years. It was common for Saddam to oppress, arrest, and slaughter in mass numbers the Shiite Muslims living throughout Iraq.

The "liberation" of Iraq was viewed as an "answer to prayer" by most people in Iraq, including Christians and Muslims. However, there is a strong resurgence in terrorism since Saddam and the Bath party has been removed. Most of the terrorists who are attacking United States troops are:

1. Saddam loyalists who are willing to fight to the bitter end. These would mostly be people of his tribe or some who Saddam was friendly toward during his rule. They include his security and military forces.

2. A group of Islamic fanatics from various Muslim countries who are not natives of Iraq. They are entering the country illegally in order to fight against the "American infidels." These include men from Syria, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

3. There are individuals who are being paid to cause difficulties for the Americans and for anyone who wants a democracy in Iraq.

We must remember this is a WAR with a new form, a new threat, and a new face. I regret to inform you that this war will continue to climax until the return of Christ!

The Decline of Religious America

This present generation of Americans, are the most fickle and least patient of any generation in our history. My grandfather experienced seven years of the Great

Depression, a stock market crash, a huge national food rationing, a drought in the Mid-West, and unemployment as high as 30% in many areas. Yet, the American spirit of unity and common good prevailed as neighbor helped neighbor and the red white and blue flag weathered the storm. Our heroís were our soldiers and our trust was in God.

Today, Americaís "idols" are rappers and rock music stars whose brains have been pickled in alcohol and their song lyrics are about as pure as a septic tank in New York City. We see women kissing women and think itís cute and the ordination of a gay priest is called, "a new thing God is doing." We remove the Ten Commandments from a court building while another court called "Supreme" houses a group of men and women who put their legal stamp of approval on the same sins that sent Sodom and Gomorrah into an ash heap.

Throughout the world, fanatical Muslims die for their religious beliefs while the average American blushes when the President of the United States speaks about how he enjoys praying and reading his Bible. We are the only nation on earth, outside of Israel, with a strong Biblical heritage that has become embarrassed about our spiritual heritage and refuse to allow the name of Jesus Christ to be used in public, unless it is being blasphemed!

Mentioning Mohammad, Buddha, or some other dead religious leader bring little retaliation from the left wing lawyers of the A.C.L.U. However, when the name of Jesus is spoken we are told to keep our religion to ourselves.

We forget - just like ancient Israel

Ancient Israel served God, backslid, went into poverty and captivity, cried out to God and God delivered them from their enemies. In the book of Judges they went through this cycle of repentance, sinning, bondage, repenting, sinning, bondage, so many times until I lost count!

We are just like ancient Israel. September 11th is gone and we have forgotten that there are still sleeper cells, and plans are still being made to bring a dirty nuke into America (if it is not already here). Agents connected to Osama bin Laden have sent communiquťs that America will have an even bigger attack shortly (Agents say it may be a biological agent). We forget that our enemies often wait YEARS before striking twice. The enemies of America are patient and the Americanís arenít.

Politics of Destruction

I despise times prior to elections. It is the most negative, critical and degrading time as men claw their way to the top seeking power by stomping, beating and cutting their opponents. I hope every soldier in the U.S. military, their families and their friends are watching the loud-mouthed, limo riding beltway pretty boys as they degrade the war efforts in Iraq. As they scream about the failures, and they cut the Commander in Chief to shreds to gain a few votes, I hope we see beyond the cameras and sound bites. The Commander in Chief is disliked by the liberals because he is a Bible reading, praying Christian.

Many voices are saying, "We failed to find the weapons. We have failed to remove Saddam, and we have failed to stabilize the country." Speak for yourself and not for the men and women fighting under Old Glory! There is much work to do.

Recently, some of our troops were camped in a desert and as the strong winds blew, they noticed a portion of an airplane protruding out of the sand. They discovered several entire planes buried in the desert. Saddam buried planes and we never knew it!

Those who may have been involved with hiding biological or chemical weapons were often killed after they hid the materials (as to never reveal the location). We know this is possible because when Saddam built secret tunnels and bunkers he would often kill, arrest or torture anyone who was connected with the building program in order to keep the information a secret.

If we do not stay long enough to gain information, stabilize the area and find out what happened to the "stuff" as well as remove the weapons, grenades, and other equipment, the area will never be stabilized and the end results could be a major war in the Middle East. This type of action will take time and patience. This is what most Americans lack.

President Bush is in a very difficult situation. If he were to pull out without searching the nation for the weapons, the politicians will say, "You lied about the war. You are a failure because you found nothing." If he stays, they will yell, "Why are you there, wasting money?" If we pull out and in the future weapons are used on Americans that came from Iraq the impotent bureaucrats will scream, "Why didnít you stay?"

This is why I love President Bush. He prays, seeks counsel and does what he does because he believes it is the right thing to do, even if the polls are slipping. He has guts and tenacity.

Just Remember This

While everyone talks about a weak or recovering economy, just remember the impact of September 11th. The destruction of the Trade Center put thousands of people out of a job. The airlines suffered along with hotels and tourist destinations. If one more major attack happens, it could break a fragile recovery. Therefore, the security of the homeland is a top priority.

I know for a fact that there have been several possible attacks thwarted in the past 24 months. This includes a suicide attack on a large mall in the mid-west, an attack on a cruise ship (four men were arrested), a possible attack on the New York Subway and other possible locations.

God has placed the right leader in America to deal with these crucial times in which we are living. Our assignment as Christians is to pray and support our leaders who are men of faith and prayer. After all, the way America is heading, we may have our last TRUE Christian president in office.

related sidetrack subject:

Jimmy Carter claimed to be a Christian and still does, Clinton claims to be a Christian as does Al Gore. But if something looks like a duck, acts like a duck, quacks like a duck, smells like a duck and calls itself a dove, what would you call it? I'd call it a duck, even if it is politically incorrect. Clinton, Gore, Carter and many more are no more Christian than Budda was. Give me a break. I am not condemning or judging the men, only their life and words and actions. Anyone who says I am a Christian and does what Clinton did, fights for the homosexual and abortion radicals and their agenda, is NOT a Christian. They vote for the devil, live for the devil, act like the devil and smell like the devil. They are not Christian by any stretch of the imagination.

I am not saying that President Bush is perfect or every decision he makes right or godly, but I believe he is doing the best he can and we have to remember his position and function. Many condemn him as not always saying or doing what a Christian should do, but they do not consider his job. If he stood and said that this is a religious war against Islam, what would the fanatics in America do - start killing Muslims and we would have a civil war in no time. He has to try to maintain peace and security at home in more than one way. He does pray, seek counsel and openly speak truth and try to put men and women with morals into positions of authority and importance, as to federal benches. But the opposition are violating the constitution and care only about putting people on the bench who have an agenda and do not keep their oat and do not uphold the constitution, but are out to change it and to make laws by judicial fiat. We are in danger of being run by a bunch of crazy judges with an agenda that is totally anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Christian, anti-American. Just consider, even the legalization of abortion didn't come by a law passed by congress, according to the constitution, but by the courts. The constitution never gave them the right to MAKE laws. Think about it. And the democrats senate is stopping the vote on any person to the federal bench, with over 100 positions open and have bowed that none will take the bench, unless they meet their criterial of being pro-abortion during the rest of this presidential term. And this has been going on for some time already. We need to consider what an attack this is against our constitution and how the government of this country ran for over 250 years, but doesn't any longer because too many don't care what our constitution says or wasmeant by the founding father's.

God has given us a president for such a time as this. I am thankful that he is president and not the alternative we almost had. God choose Bush to be our president and we need to pray for him and be thankful for him.

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