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The Syrian Connection

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March 2004

Other news has begun to replace some of the news on weapons of mass destruction that were allegedly in Iraq. However, in the Middle East there is a great concern, especially within Israel, that there is serious danger right in Israelís back yard.

For centuries, one of Israelís strongest opponents has been the nation of Syria. This strong Islamic country joined in several wars against Israel since 1948. During the 1967 war, Israel seized the Upper Golan Heights, which prior to the war was controlled by Syria. Since that time Syria has considered Israel a competent and powerful foe, and has considered various ways to have the land returned back to Syria.

The Syrians know they cannot beat Israel in a conventional war. Several years ago, a Syrian Air Force fighter pilot defected to Israel. During his interrogation, the Jerusalem Post reported that he confessed, "No fighter pilot in Syria believes the Syrian air force can ever defeat Israel."

Not only the Syrian air force believes this, but also most of the nations surrounding Israel privately acknowledge this. While having lunch with a high raking United States military person very familiar with the Arabic speaking leaders in the Persian Gulf, I was surprised when he told me, "Publicly, these Islamic leaders boast about their hatred for the Jews and Israel and how they will one day defeat them. However, when you speak to them one on one, they tell a different story. They admit that God gave the land to the Jews and there is no way the surrounding Islamic nations could defeat Israel in a conventional war. This is where the weapons of mass destruction come into play."

According to intelligence sources, Syria already has 100 missiles filled with VX nerve gas, a deadly nerve agent. According to every Israeli I have spoken with, they all agree that Saddam was secretly working on a weapons program and that the component parts were brought to Syria and hid in mountainous caves in the center of the country. Remember that moving trucks through a country like Syria is not like traveling on a U.S. Interstate, where hundreds of vehicles and state troopers can observe your movement.

I am told there are actual satellite pictures of the movement of the Iraqi trucks, months before the war actually broke out. Israel also has spies on the ground who have verified this. So why doesnít the United States show the pictures? If we released the pictures, in less than 48 hours under the cover of darkness and clouds, the materials would be moved again. We cannot invade another Islamic country under the speculation that they have these components.

However, this does not mean that the war in Iraq was not necessary. Saddam and his sons had a major vendetta against the United States. With his money and his scientists and another 48 months, he would have had nuclear abilities and chemical and biological capabilities. He would have sold this material or handed it over to any group that would have used it against America.

I have heard there are secret negotiations going on in Syria for this evidence to be released. This same form of secret negotiations brought Libya out of the closet and exposed their weapons of mass destruction planning! For the sake of the Middle East and Israel, we hope all the information and substances will be exposed.

America Has Forgotten

Modern America often reminds me of ancient Israel. The Hebrew nation would come under an attack and begin to cry out to God. The Almighty would deliver them from the hands of their enemy. Time passed and they would forget God, return to a lifestyle of sin, and be brought into captivity again. They would begin to repent and call out to God and the Lord would hear their prayer. Eventually, they returned back to their carnal ways. This pattern was repeated over and over again!

America has a short memory. When the towers fell on September 11th, the multitudes cried out, "We will never forget." I told Pam, "They will forget within two years!" We forget because life goes on. We forget because we think it wonít happen again, or because our hearts become calloused.

There is still a major plan to hit America within our borders. Many people have been arrested, deported, and about eight attacks that I personally know of have been stopped. In fact, two arrests have been made over the past several months not far from where I live. They caught one man coming from New York to Florida, with over $200,000 cash in a secret compartment in his vehicle. He is now in prison. Another group of men were scoping out a chemical plant and were arrest with false identifications and false car registrations.

Our government is keeping many of these arrests and possible terrorist attacks they have stopped under wraps. They do not want to frighten the public and draw attention to how they exposed the people. This is good for national security, but bad for those who feel as though nothing is happening. Everyone I have spoken with has said the sleeper cells are waiting for the right time and are carefully planning another attack. We must remain vigilant and in prayer. I believe those possible attacks that have been exposed have been so because of prayer! We believers must not fall into the same trap of many other Americans. We must pray that our leadership will have wisdom and follow the leading of the Lord in all decisions.


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