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Who Will Deal With Iran ?

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Those who have kept up with the rhetoric coming out of Iran know that the Persian state appears to be provoking the West into a future confrontation. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran ’s new leader, is extremely anti-Western and very anti-Jewish. In recent months he has called for the destruction of the Jewish state and demanded that Jews be returned to Europe

While many in the global political realm dismiss these remarks as the ranting of a politician disassociated from the real world, the West and Israel must take his charges seriously. This is why there is grave concern that the Persians (Iranians) are now developing nuclear weapons with missiles capable of reaching Israel and certain cities in Europe . Rough nations controlled by dictators, such as North Korea and some former Soviet nations, are accused of helping Iran develop weapons of mass destruction by selling this dangerous regime the needed materials to build nuclear facilities, enrich uranium and assist in the development of their own nuclear program.

The real and unforeseen danger of Iran’s fanatical president is that he has claimed to have made a secret pact with the hidden Mahdi, in which they have agreed to see the destruction of America and the destruction of Israel . No one is certain who this mysterious Mahdi (the 12th Imam) is, but those who monitor Islamic terrorist activity are concerned about the rhetoric and the movement they see coming out of Iran .

While the news is rather silent on this subject, Iran is behind much of the uprising occurring in Iraq . Under Saddam Hussein, the pre-dominate control of the government was in the hands of the Sunni Muslims. The Shiites in the south were often persecuted and slain because of their link to the Shiites from Iran.

The nation of Iran is about 98 percent Shiite Muslim, and has the largest Shiite population of any Islamic nation in the world. At the present time, the Sunnis are resisting much of the Shiites government’s control in Iran. America has been behind the Shiite government in Iran, assuming that if a more moderate Shiite government could control Iraq , it could eventually spillover into Iran .

According to Ezekiel 38 and 39, Iran, called ancient Persia, will be one of the nations to attack Israel. This war, called the war of Gog and Magog, will transpire on the mountains of Israel.

What will initiate this battle? Who is going to deal with Iran in the future? Because our nation is already involved in a war on two fronts, Iraq and Afghanistan, we cannot afford to get involved in a third country unless we are attacked from within as we were on 9-11. Israel, however, is the nation receiving the direct threat from Iran .

When I was in Israel I met a high-ranking official who is linked to the Israeli military. I remarked that it appeared Israel would have to deal with the Iranian threat themselves. The gentlemen did not make a comment, other than to say, “We must first hope that diplomatic avenues will work.”

I have been told by several inside sources that if Iran continues the threats, we can look for Israel to attack certain key facilities inside of Iran in the future.

The New Year will bring exciting new revelation from the Word of God, and many new and unexpected events will continue to point to the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. This year, 2006, should prove to be another exciting year!


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